How To Create An Effective In-Stream Video Ad

In-stream video ads enable you to insert your ad at the beginning of other people’s YouTube video content so the first few seconds really count. If a person clicks on your ad within 30 seconds you won’t pay a cent.

Here are 5 suggestions to create an effective in-stream ad:

Watch the video below…

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1. Grab viewers attention in the first 5 seconds
Ask a question or address the viewers biggest problem.

2. Make sure your video is engaging
Outline the benefits of your product or service related to the question you introduced at the beginning of your video.

3. Provide a call to action before the video ends
Give viewers a reason to take action right away.
Tell them what they’ll receive if they click on the video now.

4. Keep your video short and sweet
Play rates drop off significantly after 30-45 seconds so deliver your most important messages early in the video. Keep your message clear and simple so it will stand out.

5. Make sure your landing page content relates to your video content
Give your viewer a seamless experience by matching your landing page content with the content in your video. Avoid enticing the viewer with your video then directing them to a page that is irrelevant.

If you follow these 5 suggestions your In-Stream Video Ad will
get higher conversion rates and you’ll spend way less money.

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