Increase AdSense Income Using High Priced Keywords

If you don’t include high priced keywords within your web page content you’ll miss an opportunity to increase your adsense income. It will remain much the same.

Every time you write an article for your web site, blog or CMS, do the necessary keyword research first.

You need to continually look for the high priced keywords related to the topic of your web site.

Here are the steps how to achieve this:

1. Use the correct keyword research tools

One of the best keyword research tools I use is Search It
Here’s an article I wrote recently that outlines all the amazing tools this little beauty provides.

Other free keyword research tools include:


Digital Point


2. Find related keywords

The purpose of this exercise is to find many similar keywords to include in your content. This helps you to write more content
for each of your researched keywords.

Open Search It and go to Step 1
Select Search Category

Now go to Step 2
Select Google AdWords Keyword Tool or
US Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool

Now go to Step 3 and insert your keyword and click “Search It”
Click on “Please click here to see your search results”

You should now see a list of related keywords you can use. Use these keywords to determine what the bid prices are in your next step.

3. Find the highest bid price

The keywords that are the most popular are what advertisers pay the most for.

Here is how to determine the bid prices for the keywords you have chosen from your first search.

Open search It and go to Step 1
Select Search Category

Now go to Step 2
Select Yahoo Bid Price

Now go to Step 3 and insert your keyword and click “Search It”. Click on “Please click here to see your search results”

The top of the list shows the maximum bids advertisers are willing to pay for those keywords.

4. Write targeted content for your high priced keywords.

Only write content related to the keywords you select. Make sure your content is informative and interesting so people will want to read it. If the content is poor, no one will read it, no one will click the ads and advertisers will pay less per click.

Try to write in a personal and conversational tone. This is more appealing than using corporate language which will only bore your visitors.


The key to increasing adsense income for your site is to find keywords that have higher earning power.

Only write content for the keywords you know something about.

Repeat your keyword research every few weeks because the types of keywords and their bid prices often change.


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