Latest SEO Methods – Don’t use spammy techniques

If you want to increase your site’s rankings or even
maintain current rankings you need to stay on top of the
latest SEO methods. Thousands of new sites come online
everyday so Google has to provide the best results for
online searches. Therefore it needs to continually refine
its techniques for weeding out sites which don’t offer
targeted information or use spammy techniques to increase
their rankings.

Google’s -30 filter

If you use spammy SEO methods for your web site, Google
seems to apply the -30 filter or spam penalty.

The Google bomb filter

The Google bomb filter seems to be applied to web sites
that get too many identical links in a short time period.
If a web site gets many links with exactly the same link
text then Google will downrank the page because such an
unnatural linking behavior indicates a manipulation

The Google Page Filter

The page load filter is not exactly a filter. Nevertheless,
it can affect your Google rankings. If your web site takes
too long to load then the search engine spiders will time
out and continue with the next web site in the list. That
means that your web site won’t be indexed and that it won’t
appear in Google’s result pages.

How to Avoid These Filters

1. Remove the spam elements from your web site.

If you know the -30 filter has been applied to your web
site then research what spam methods you may have used on
your site. Visit the webmaster guidelines
then remove those pages that are in violation of the rules.

2. Send a reinclusion request to Google.

A reinclusion request asks Google to remove any potential
spam penalty.

3. Get high quality inbound links

Find sites that compliment yours. If they already attract a
lot of traffic and rank high in the search engines it will
help boost the traffic to your own site.

4. Vary your link text

Don’t use the same text for every live link to your site.
Use a combination of different keywords within the link
text. These links will tell the search engines that your
web site is relevant to a special topic.

5. Avoid slow loading pages

Slow loading pages prevents search engine spiders from
indexing them. Make sure your web host is a reliable one.
If search engines try to index your site when your host is
down, it may be removed from the index.


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