Link Bait – How To Boost Your Web Traffic

I only enjoy fishing when I catch lots of fish. Sometimes I fish for hours without catching anything, become bored and want to quit. Often the reason for not catching anything is because I am using the wrong bait. You need to use bait that is appropriate for the type of fish you wish to catch.

The same applies to your web site. If the content of your site is not well presented and tasty to your visitors they will click away to your competitors.

What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to any content placed on a web site with the purpose of attracting links to it from other web sites. The quantity and quality of incoming links are two significant factors that search engines use to determine the ranking your web site. Creating good link bait will increase the potential for you to naturally acquire high quality links.

Benefits of Link Baiting

1. Attract web traffic

The number and quality of incoming links to your web site will provide a boost in the amount of visitors you receive. For example, if a high traffic site links to your site you will receive some of its traffic. If many such sites link to yours you will see a substantial increase in visitors.

2. Increase subscribers

If you have a subscription form on your web site, more traffic means more people will subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Increase sales

If you have an e-commerce site more traffic means you have the potential to make more sales.

4. Increase site stickiness

If you continually offer high quality content, visitors will continually want to return to read the new information, thus creating a number of loyal readers.

5. Increase search engine rankings

Building consistent incoming links to your site will raise your rankings in the search engines. The major search engines such as Google use this as one of the main factors in determining the ranking of your web site in relation to others. A site that has few incoming links will rank lower than one which has many incoming links. The links should be related to the subject matter of your web site. Google may penalize a site that contains links that are unrelated because it may view it as spamming the search engines.


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