Low Cost Stock Photos

As a web designer I am always on the lookout for low cost stock photos to use for my clients’ web sites. I could just do a Google image search and locate nice photos from other sites but using them would be violating the copyright of the site owner who may have paid to have them created. If you use copyrighted material on your site you could be fined, so it’s best to avoid it.

Resources for low cost stock photos

1. iStockphoto.com

Get a large collection of web ready royalty-free images for $1.00/image. There are no subscription fees or extra costs. They have 798,000 royalty-free images since I last checked.

2. dreamstime.com

Get high resolution images for 41/image. You can also see your stock images here and get 50-68% from each sale you make.

3. gettyimages.com

The royalty-free pricing at this site is based solely on the file size and number of people entitled to use it. Once you select the image your price will appear.

Build your own stock photo collection

Since photos for the web only need to be in a low resolution to display well, you can easily create a stock photo collection with your own digital camera.

Colors used for web sites often imitate those seen in nature so take photos of different nature scenes to begin your collection. Use your imaging software to optimize and integrate these images into your future web sites.


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