Optimizing Title Tags – Top 10 Strategies

Title tags are the most important tags of your web site regarding search engine optimization. If you optimize the tag correctly you will be well ahead of your competitors.

Top 10 strategies to optimize your title tags

1. Keyword research

Find the most targeted keywords related to your web site content. I use Search It because it contains all the brainstorming tools you need in one place ie

Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool
Google adwords keyword tool
Seodigger keyword tool
Yahoo keyword selector tool

2. Length of title tags

Limit the length of the title tag to 70 characters (including spaces). Search engines usually truncate the title after 68-70 characters. This means you can use approximately 6-7 words. This increases your chances of getting all your words to display in all three major search engines.

3. Use keyword phrases

Don’t use single keywords. These are far too competitive to attain high rankings. Instead use 2-4 words that include your targeted keyword phrase.

4. Word order

Place your most targeted keyword at the beginning followed by your second most targeted keyword. This not only helps your ranking in the search engines but it’s what will be displayed at the top of your visitors browser when they visit your web site.

If your keyword phrase is “dog grooming and training”

instead of writing:

the top 7 tips for dog grooming and training

write this for your title tag

dog grooming and training – the top 7 tips

5. Don’t repeat keywords

Don’t use the same keyword more than once. This may be considered spam by the search engines and you may see a drop in your rankings.


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