Paid Inclusion – What Search Engine Directories Should I Pay to Get Listed?

Paid inclusion means a search engine company will charge a fee to include your web site in its search index. Most search engine companies these days now charge a fee except for Open Directory Project and Google.

Benefits of Paid Inclusion to Search Engine Directories

1. Incoming links

The number and quality of incoming links you get from directories or sites related to yours will determine the your page rank. A high page rank will increase the number of visitors to your site.

2. Fast inclusion

Paid Inclusion is one of the fasted ways to get your site indexed by the search engines because these major directories often have high PR (page rank) and are recognized as authoritative sites.

3. Get listed in other directories

If your site is listed in the large directories it may also appear in the smaller directories.

4. Searchability

Paid directories get large numbers of visitors that use them to find information. Visitors can easily access your site through their category listings.

Search Engine Directories to Submit to:

Open Directory Project is the largest directory that is still free.


This is also one of the largest directories on the Web.

There are two ways to submit your site to the Yahoo! Directory:


This is for non-commercial sites. They don’t guarantee when your site will be included because of the volume of sites suggested.


This is required for commercial listings but also available for any site. Your web site is guaranteed for consideration in the Yahoo! Directory within 7 business days.

The Yahoo! Directory Submit service costs US$299 (nonrefundable) for each Directory listing that is submitted. For each listing accepted into the Directory, there is a recurring annual fee of US$299 to maintain the listing in the Directory for the subsequent year.

Yahoo does not guarantee your submission will be accepted. The Yahoo! directory team judges your site based on the suitability, placement, and description.


You can still get listed in the Yahoo Directory by getting lots of incoming links from other sites, however if you have built a new site and can afford the expense…go for the paid listing.

Here is a list of smaller search engine directories:






Wow Search Directory

The most important benefit of paid inclusion search engine directories is getting incoming links. Don’t just rely on this one method for generating more traffic but concentrate on adding more quality content to your web site. This will result in visitors wanting to naturally link to your site’s high quality information.


  1. Keep in mind that paid inclusion is a nice alternative to CPC or CPM advertising because instead of paying per-click or per-impression, you pay annually or in some cases you just pay a one-time fee for a permanent listing.

  2. Hi:
    I have never paid the Yahoo directory but it appears that we are already listed. How do I tell, and will my site rank higher if I do pay for the Yahoo Directory?

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