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Search engine optimization (SEO) is best done manually, however if you have numerous sites, limited time, manpower and want to produce nice looking reports for your customers, then you may want to check out Web CEO. It’s a suite of 12 search engine marketing tools that is all included in one SEO software package.

Benefits of Web CEO

1. Provides a free trial that includes 12 SEO tools.
2. Free training even with the free trial
3. Saves time by automating repetitive tasks.
4. Quickly obtain a list of keywords and keyword phrases.
5. Helps optimize your web pages for the search engines.
6. Submits your site to search engines.
7. Analyze, build and find link partners.
8. Manage pay-per-click campaigns.
9. Track your site’s position in the search engines.
10. Find broken links
11. Edit web pages with an html editor.
12. Monitor the availability of your web site.
13. Database automatically updated each time it’s launched.
14. Personal support

Features of Web CEO

1 Keyword research tool
2 Search engine optimization tool
3 Webpage editor
4 FTP file uploader
5 Search engine submitter
6 Search engine rankings checker
7 Get traffic reports
8 Link popularity checker
9. Find link partners
10 Website auditor
11 Website uptime monitoring
12 Traffic analyses


Web CEO Free – $0

  • No time limitations.
  • Use all SEO tools
  • Receive basic online training in search engine marketing and free virtual certification.
  • Free support

Web CEO SmallBiz – $189

  • Ideal for small business owners, webmasters and those who do search engine marketing and optimization in-house.
  • Optimization advice and in-depth analysis for selected keywords in Google, Yahoo, MSN.
  • Ranking reporting on more than 400 international, US, European, and Asian search engines.
  • Includes advanced features which help position your site in search engines and improve your conversion rate and ROI.
  • The most cost-effective and affordable solution in the market.

Web CEO Professional – $389

  • Best choice for site owners and webmasters serious about SEM and SEO.
  • The only choice for SEM professionals, organic search engine optimizers and Web consultants.
  • Full, unrestricted access to all features available in Web CEO.

My experience with Web CEO

After searching SEO software that incorporates all the tools necessary to optimize, analyze and monitor your site I found Web CEO did a decent job. Since I usually rely on doing all these tasks manually, I would not rely entirely on Web CEO software but do a manual analysis first by using the free SEO tools that are available on the Net, then compare your results.

Here are the some of the best features I liked:

1. The small file download enables you to do a quick installation on your computer.
2. The interface was easy to navigate so you are able to start the optimization of your site immediately.
3. The keyword research tool enables you to get many keyword suggestions, view and analyze the keywords your competition is using.
4. The rankings tool helps you select which search engines you want to target. You can then add the keywords you want to get a ranking report for
and then select the scan depth. Web CEO will scan up to 30 search results or 3 search engine results pages.
5. With the link popularity tool you can select which search engines to use, then add the web pages to be analyzed for link popularity.
6. The web site auditor checks your pages for broken internal and external links and missing images. It analyzes the elements on the page that cause it to load slowly.
7. The search engine submitter automatically submits to over 140 search engines. It provides a report of the time, status and image of the pages you have submitted.
8. Web CEO safeguards you from submitting too often or too many pages from one domain.
9. You don’t risk having your IP banned from using the SE.
10. Include your site into some paid SEs through their relationships with other search engines.


Web CEO is a SEO software package that is user friendly, helps you to optimize, analyze and monitor your web site.
It is especially useful for saving time doing repetitive tasks especially when you have a number of sites you need to optimize for.


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