Best SEO tool – How to Use WordTracker Effectively

This is the most popular and effective SEO tool used by search engine marketers.
WordTracker allows you to do a comprehensive search for related keywords, provides the number of searches for your keywords, then compares their popularity in the search engines with how competitive they are. Ideally you want to use keywords that receive a high number of searches but don’t have many competing web sites for the same keyword.

Using the free trial at WordTracker my comprehensive search for Spanish Shirts generates this list:

1. spanish shirts
2. spanish clubs
3. football shirts
4. overseas clubs
5. ebay
6. online shopping
7. online auction
8. apparel
9. spanish
10. t-shirts
11. sports memorabilia
13. Spanish
14. real madrid
15. tshirt

The enhanced version would display 285 keywords here. If I click on Spanish Shirts I get a table showing keywords taken from all Dogpile & Metacrawler queries over the last 90 days.

Count = 4
This refers to the number of times a particular keyword appeared in the database.

E.g. The database currently holds 327967786 words. A count of 4 tells you that this particular word has appeared 4 times (this is over 90 days). The keywords are taken from major metacrawlers (a service that queries all the main search engines simultaneously).

Predict = 7
This is the maximum total predicted traffic for all of the major search engines/pay per bids and directories today.

Since Spanish Shirts generates a small number of searches, I will search on a broader term ie Spanish or T-Shirts


spanish 3407 6009
spanish dictionary 3183 5614
spanish translator 2295 4048
spanish music lyrics 2114 3728
spanish translation 1892 3337
spanish english dictionary 1352 2384
english to spanish 1049 1850 dig
spanish to english dictionary 1040 1834
spanish to english 1033 1822
spanish babes 990 1746
learn spanish 989 1744
spanish american war 987 1741
english to spanish translation 778 1372
spanish to english translation 747 1317
english to spanish dictionary 745 1314

The first number beside each keyword is the count, the second is the predicted number.
The list above generates a higher number of keywords than Spanish Shirts because of their popularity. This is useful because it gives you another angle to attract traffic to your web site. For example you could create a page on how to learn spanish by integrating the keywords “learn spanish” in your article. The traffic this page receives may help sell more Spanish Shirts because the visitors will visit the rest of the site.


Here are the related words for the keyword T-Shirts generated by WordTracker.

1. t-shirts
2. funny t-shirts
3. tshirts
4. t-shirt
5. tee shirts
6. tshirt
7. shirts
8. tees
9. funny t-shirt
10. funny shirts
11. cool t-shirts
12. tee
13. funny t shirts
14. funny
15. humorous

If you do a deeper search on t-shirts you get:

t-shirts 1146 2021
t-shirt 805 1420
funny t-shirts 622 1097
custom t-shirts 375 661
christian t-shirts 185 326
t-shirt designs 180 317
blank t-shirts 147 259
t-shirt design 146 257
japanese t-shirt 145 256
wholesale t-shirts 139 245
white t-shirt 126 222
vintage t-shirts 123 217
white t-shirts 111 196
cool t-shirts 102 180
rolling stones t-shirts 102 180

If you subscribe to the paid version of wordtracker you will get another 85 words.You also have the choice
of digging deeper on each of the keywords above if you want to view words related to the one you chose.


Doing keyword research before you write the content for your web site will help you to identify what angles you can use to attract the search engine spiders. You can create different pages that include these keywords which will attract traffic because they receive a high number of searches.

Even though “Spanish Shirts” is one of the main keywords, there are not many people doing searches for that term, therefore you need to expand and include broader search terms.


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