Should You Buy YouTube Views Using AdWords To Increase Rankings – Case Study

Several months ago I tried to rank a YouTube video on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase “Web Design Salisbury MD” Since the keyword phrase was not a really competitive one I thought it would be relatively easy to get it ranked.

After optimizing the title, description and tags and submitting to social bookmarking sites it ranked on the first page of Google videos but was no where to be found in Google search. After setting up a video ads campaign on Google AdWords it jumped to No 1 on Google.

Here’s how I set-up my video ads campaign

I started the campaign on August 17th and I didn’t get any views until August 20th where I got 796 views and August 21st I got 3,752 views and stopped the campaign on August 22nd and got no more views.

Here’s my video ad…
Professional web design,
Get a custom designed website,
Increase traffic, leads and sales

I got 4,548 views
I got a view rate of 24.62%
Average cost per view only 1 cent
And I paid a total cost of $58.52
49 clicks and a click through rate of 0.27%

Here are my campaign settings…
I set a budget of $5.00 a day
I targeted all languages and all countries and territories
For the ads I set up an in-stream ad and an in-display ad
For the in-stream ad my display URL is my website as well as the final URL is also my website

For my in-display ad I just set up the headline , description. second description. You can set it to your channel page on YouTube or the video watch page on YouTube which is what I did.

That’s it!

Keep these important things in mind when
setting up your video ads campaign..

1. Make sure you’ve optimized your title, description and tags.
2. Set up both in-stream and in-display video ads
3. Set your daily bid amount to $5.00 a day and
your maximum cost per view to 1 or 2 cents
4. Wait several days to see an increase in your rankings.
5. Rankings will vary depending on your niche.That’s it!

Now you know how to get first page rankings on
Google by setting up a video ads campaign.

If you want to know how to set-up your first Video Ads
Campaign then download my cheat sheet at:

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