Ebook Marketing Strategies – Which Strategy Works Best For You?

To create a successful ebook marketing campaign, you need to be consistent. You can’t write one article or submit to one ebook directory and expect to make lots of sales. Marketing is a daily commitment.

If one ebook marketing strategy doesn’t work for you, move on to another until you begin seeing results. You may have to combine several marketing methods to be successful.

*Joint Ventures: Team up with other ebook authors or ezine publishers or webmasters to cross promote each other’s products or services. Agree to send referrals to each other and recommend each other’s products.

*Use an excerpt from your ebook
as an article and submit it to as many directories as possible. Be sure to mention your ebook in your resource box.

*Search out quality targeted ezines and purchase solo or top sponsor ad spots.

*Submit your ebook to as many ebook directories as you can. The more links to your ebook, the better.

*Write a keyword rich sales page and optimize it for the search engines with meta tags and page title.

*Offer two or three free bonuses with your ebook. make and offer that is very hard or impossible to refuse.

*Ask a few people to write reviews for your ebook in exchange for a free copy. Post the reviews on your site.

*Offer a free report as a lead
-in to your ebook. People love free information and if you offer a quality report that gets them interested they very well may want to buy your ebook.

*If you publish an ezine, ask other ezine publishers to swap solo or top sponsor ads. I prefer top sponsor ads but many marketers have said that solo ads get the most results.

*Start an affiliate program
and offer people a percentage to sell your ebook. One of the best places to do this is Clickbank. For a small fee you can set up your affiliate program and increase your sales many times over.

*Offer the first chapter or two as a freebie. Be sure and leave them wanting more.

*Visit message boards
or join discussion groups to learn marketing strategies that have worked for other publishers and authors. If it works for them, it can work for you as well.

Let me know which strategy works best for you

One of the best ways to generate immediate traffic to your ebook web site is to send press releases. Writing a press release is different to writing an article or web copy content. It should include content that is newsworthy such as a story about your product and what it will do for the customer.

Benefits of Press Releases

1. Attract lots of visitors

Online press release sites get sent to thousands of outlets. This may include Google and Yahoo news sites which receive thousands of visitors a day.

2. Boost search engine traffic

If you optimize your release for the search engines by including your main keywords it will get indexed by them. This generates lots of incoming links to your web site that will boost your rankings.

3. New contacts

Sending your press release to many news media outlets could result in huge promotional opportunities.

4. Saves time

The time invested in creating and sending a press release will result in attracting lots more traffic than writing an ad or an article.

5. Tracking

Most online press release sites allow you to track the number of people that have read it. This allows you to monitor its effectiveness.

How to Write a Press Release

It’s very important to write your press release correctly so it won’t get rejected. Here are several articles how to write one:


Press Release Websites


Press Release Software


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