Embed SWF in Your Web Page

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One of the easiest and quickest ways to display videos on your website is to upload it to YouTube then embed the code they provide into the html code of your website. Some of the problems associated with using YouTube are:

  • lack of video quality
  • lack of control
  • Google is free to use your content however they wish
  • Unrelated videos are displayed after yours
  • Length of video restricted

If you want to avoid all these problems consider embedding a flash video file (.swf) in your web page. Most computers already have the flash player installed so it will play automatically. You can also include code within your html to automatically download the flash player if the computer doesn’t have it installed.

There are 2 flash video formats .SWF and .FLV. Since we are discussing how to embed SWF in your web page I’ll describe SWF.

What is SWF?

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