How can I get my website recognized by the search engines for free

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So you’ve got your website built but it doesn’t appear in the search engines even for your company name. Why not? Many new website owners think that once they upload their site to the net it will instantly be recognized by the search engines. This is not true. The search engines find your site through links. For example if CNN links to an article on your web page you’ll instantly receive thousands of visitors because they get redirected through the link on their site.

Should you submit your website to 1000s of search engines and directories?

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EzineArticles: How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Article marketing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to generate traffic to your website. This is because the top article directories receive millions of visitors each day. You can benefit from this traffic by submitting your articles to them. Ezinearticles is the top article directory because they constantly reward their authors by finding new ways to attract more visitors to articles submitted to their website.

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website with Ezinearticles

Let’s look at the what happens when your article is submitted to Ezinearticles (EA):

Immediate search engine exposure
EA gets indexed by the search engines every day or several times a day. If you optimized your article for a relatively non-competitive keyword or keyword phrase it may appear on the first page of the search engines. Visitors searching on your keyword will find your article and then visit your website by clicking on the link in your resource box.

RSS feeds.
RSS stands for really simple syndication. An RSS Feed Reader (such as the Google Reader) enables visitors that subscribe to the feed to receive summaries of your articles in their reader. EA has an RSS feed that enables visitors to instantly get notified of new articles. You’ll receive a spike in traffic every time you submit a new article.

*Email alerts. Visitors to EZ can sign up to receive email alerts in their niche. Whenever a new article is published in that niche the subscribers get notified.

Recent, Most Viewed, Most Published Sections
There are 3 sections at the end of each article for every niche listed in EA:
*Other Recent EzineArticles.
*Most Viewed EzineArticles in 60 days for a category
*Most Published EzineArticles in 60 days for a category

Other Recent. Your most recently submitted articles will immediately appear in this section. This makes it easy for ezine publishers to select similar articles in their niche for publication.

Most Viewed. If your article receives lots of views it will be selected by EA to appear in this section for 60 days. You benefit by receiving even more views as people visit this section to find the most popular articles to place in their publications.

Most Published. If your article gets published in multiple ezines or newsletters it may appear in this section for 60 days. Invest in writing high quality articles so your articles will get displayed here.

Social Media

Visitors to your articles on EA can share the article by clicking on any of the Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Delicious, FriendFeed icons that are displayed at the end of each article.

Twitter subscribers can automatically be notified of new articles by synchronizing your EA account with your Twitter account.

Article Tools
Under Article Tools-Article Reports in the administration area you can view the click through rate of each article. It also provides the month views and the keywords visitors used to find your articles. The article tools section also enables you to submit press releases, submit your ezine to an ezine directory, create a widget for your website, get article title suggestions and view your author rankings.

View your article marketing investment as a highly effective method for advertising your website. If done frequently and consistently it will continue to attract visitors for years to come.

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Twitter & EzineArticles – How to Automatically Syndicate Your Articles

Do you want to get more mileage out of your articles?

Most folks write an article then submit it to online article directories. This will generate some traffic however competition for eyeballs is fierce these days so you need to find alternative ways to attract more readers.

EzineArticles now has the ability to automatically syndicate your articles to your twitter account.


1. Every time your article is submitted/reviewed and accepted by it automatically gets announced on your Twitter account within the space of 140 characters.

2. There is no need to rewrite your article. People that see your article on Twitter can will get redirected to your article on EzineArticles by clicking on the link in your Twitter account.

3. More traffic. Twitter is in the top 1003 sites on the Web according to Alexa. You can include a link to your website on your Twitter account. A backlink from a high traffic site helps boost your search engine rankings.

4. More visitors – as the number of followers and people following you on Twitter increases you’ll have more visitors reading your articles, visiting your web site and potentially increase sales.

5. Write more articles. Every article automatically gets tweeted so the more articles you submit the more often your Twitter account gets updated.

How to setup your Twitter account within your EzineArticles account.

Here are the 3 most important things to do if you’re new to Twitter:

1. Upload your author photo.
2. Upload your 140 character author bio.
3. Involve yourself in conversations taking place on your Twitter account. This is the fastest way to attract Followers to your Twitter profile.


Directory of EzineArticles Expert Authors who also Twitter.

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