How to Make Your Day More Productive

Want to do more with the time you have?
Want to become more efficient?
Want to grow your business faster?

Over the years I’ve zeroed in on how to make my day more productive. I used to start off my day checking my email, forums and social media sites. By the time I had read and replied to all these sites half my morning had gone plus I often lacked motivation to work on the main tasks of the day.

Are you or have you been in the same boat?

How to make your day more productive

1. Do creative work at your most creative time of the day

The morning is my most creative time so I devote the first 30 minutes or 1 hour writing an article for publication. If I don’t finish in one hour I complete it the next day.

I try to get all my most important tasks completed within the first 5 hours of the day (8AM-1PM) since that’s my most productive time of the day. After that I’ll work shorter periods of 30 minutes to 1 hour with breaks in between to maintain my energy level.

2. Prioritize daily tasks.

I keep a notepad beside me throughout the day that lists the most important tasks that need to get done in terms of priority. For instance if I need to send out a newsletter on a particular date it’s the first task I complete in the morning the day before.

3. Take breaks

I usually take a 10-20 minute break every 2 hours to stretch, go outside, drink a glass of water and rest my eyes. It helps maintain my energy level for the next 2 hours.

I take a 2 hour break in the afternoon to recharge my batteries. I’ll jog, walk or bicycle to get a cardiovascular workout plus keep my muscles toned. After exercising I’m re-energized have a large appetite, can do more work and sleep well.

4. Set goals

Create long term and short term goals and work to accomplish them. Short term goals refer to what you want to accomplish this week. Long term goals refer to what you want to accomplish by the end of the month and year.

5. Reward yourself

After accomplishing one of your goals reward yourself e.g. take your wife out to dinner or a movie.

Review your day to see how you can make it more productive.
I hope these tips will help you.

Please share your own productivity tips in the comment box below.