Zen Cart SEO | How to Optimize the Content

Each page of your web site is an entry point for your visitors. An online store usually contains many pages. Most visitors will not enter your site through the home page but through its internal pages. The content for each page should be optimized separately to attract the maximum amount of traffic. This means you need to target a different keyword phrase for every page.

How to optimize your home page content

The content on your home page should include your main keywords. For example SinkBiz.com sells stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks and eco taps. Stainless Steel Sinks is the keyword phrase that gets the most searches according to the keyword research tool WordTracker and is the main product being sold so I placed that phrase at the beginning of the title meta tag and also included it in the opening paragraph.

Here’s the title tag:

Stainless Steel Sinks | Porcelain Sink | Eco Taps – SinkBiz.com

Noticed how I placed the name of the web site at the end. It wouldn’t get much traffic if I placed it at the beginning as no one would be searching for Sinkbiz.com. Stainless Steel Sinks is also included in the navigation links and in the banner title to make it obvious to visitors what the site is about. The keyword phrase “kitchen sink” is also used in the short description under a few of the products on the page.

When optimizing a web page don’t clutter it with your keywords but mention them naturally through the page e.g. paragraphs, navigation links, product descriptions and header tags (h1, h2).

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