Quality Content vs Thin Content – Infographic on Google Panda Update

Panda Update
In 2011 Google updated their ranking formula to filter out low quality or thin content from it’s search results and encourage content marketers to only publish quality content. Many popular websites were affected and had to change their ways to remain in business. For instance one of the most popular article directories on the Net EzineArticles got hit severely because a lot of the content submitted was scraped, spun or just badly written..in other words the content didn’t offer much value to it’s readers and simply clogged up the search engines. After the Google Panda Update it changed it’s rules by only accepting quality content.

The infographic below displays the Google Panda Update in graphical format:

  • How Panda Works
  • The changes it’s gone through since 2011
  • How it affects you
  • What you should do from now on

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