Increase Web Site Traffic With the Keyword Questions Tool

What kind of questions related to your main keywords are being asked by your visitors?

People often type whole questions in the search box to find find specific information. When you enter a specific keyword in the Keyword Questions Tool search box the tool will return questions related to your keyword.


When I entered “web site design” it returned 3 questions:

how to design a web site
what are the average cost to design a web site
how to evaluate the design of a web site

3 Top Reasons to use the Keyword Questions Tool

1. Content for web sites, articles, blogs

Whatever your target market is, there are specific questions people always ask. Provide the answer for them by writing an article about it, creating a blog post or building a FAQ (frequently asked questions) web page.

2. Build backlinks

For each article you write you can include a link (or two) to your web site. The more articles you write the more incoming links you will receive which will boost your search engine rankings.

3. Increase web site traffic

The Keyword Questions Tool will generate more traffic to your web site because it provides inspiration
from answering targeted questions generated by search engine visitors.


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