How to Write An Ebook

Creating a quality ebook takes a lot of time and commitment. It’s difficult to just sit down and write continuously until it is completed. It’s difficult to just lock yourself up in your room to remove all distractions and responsibilities (particularly if you have a family). For most people this is not an option.

Create an outline

Instead, create an outline of your ebook by writing down all the possible topics you want to cover. Organize them according to how the information needs to flow. It must flow naturally if you want to retain the interest of your readers.

Create a deadline

Without a deadline your ebook may never get finished. For example if you want to complete the writing of your ebook in 3 months, try to write a part of it each day. This breaks it down into easy steps and moves you towards your goal. If you pass your deadline without having completed your ebook, set another completion date. I initially had the goal of completing my ebook in the first 40 days of the year but got too busy with web design projects to focus on it. Instead, I selected a later date to finish it.

Methods of writing your ebook

Create a series of articles

Write an article a day for each topic you wish to cover. If you have a lot to write about create sub topics. At the end of one month you will have 30 articles. An article a day makes it easier to write your ebook because you break it down into smaller steps.

Create a series of blog posts

One of the easiest ways to stay on track writing your ebook, is to write a tip a day on your blog. A series of these tips can be combined to create an article. The articles can be composed into an ebook. One of the benefits of this method…you can begin pre-selling your ebook by getting visitors to your blog, commenting on your posts, subscribing to your newsletter and interact with blogs related to your topic. When your ebook is ready to be published you’ll already have an audience hungry to purchase it.

Hire a ghostwriter

If you don’t have the time to write the ebook yourself, hire someone else to write the ebook for you. Visit (or other bidding sites) to post your project and have someone bid on it. It’s inexpensive because the person may be from a country that has low wages or a stay-at-home Mom that could use some extra cash. Make sure you check their credentials and see samples of their work before you hire them.

Use Private Label Rights (PLR) content

You can purchase PLR articles that are already written on your subject. These packs are often sold to a limited number of people for distribution. Instead of writing an article from scratch you can modify these articles to make them unique and put your own name of them. They are not copyright protected.


After creating your first ebook, the process gets easier. Creating and selling several ebooks on a subject or subjects you are passionate about will produce ongoing passive income.

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