Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers Or Not – What Are The Pros & Cons?

Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel takes hard
work and persistence if you want to do it organically.

Another alternative is to pay for subscribers using adwords for
video Before you jump in you should know the pros and cons.

Watch the video below to learn the pros and cons of buying subscribers using YouTube Video Ads

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1. Saves time
Instead of spending hours, days and weeks trying to attract new subscribers to your youtube channel you can set up a video ads campaign within 30 minutes.

2. Inexpensive
You can spend as little as 1 cent for each view you get to your video. Boost views to your video or your channel. You have the opportunity to generate instant views to your video or your channel.

3. Jump start traffic to your video
When viewers see that your video got a lot of views, they’ll be more
inclined to subscribe to your channel.

4. Specific targeting
With a video ads campaign you can target specific demographics,
topics, age groups, gender and locations.


1. Costs money
You’ll have to pay a few cents each time someone views your video ad.

2, Test different ads
You may have to test different types of ads to get a high conversion rate. You may have to try sending visitors to a different URL. For example a subscription URL, a channel URL or a video URL that specifically caters to new subscribers.

3. Get untargeted viewers
If you just target general viewers you may get people that are not interested in your content and therefore they may not watch your entire video. This will affect your rankings because YouTube ranks videos based upon high retention rates.

Here are 3 ways to get better results with your video ads campaigns..

1. Create a very targeted audience
You can use placement targeting which means you can play your video before your competitors videos. I use software like Veeroll to find hundreds of videos or video channels where I can play my video before their video. For example I can find videos or video channels that receive millions of views and then play video before their video.

2. Record a professional video
Creating your own video ad takes a lot of time and expertise. Veeroll includes a specific subscribe template which allows you to create a video ad within a few minutes.

3. Have a specific message When scripting your ad you must hook viewers in the first few seconds. You must also include a couple of benefits of why they should subscribe to your channel.

4. Include a strong call to action to get them to subscribe
For example you can create a subscribe button in your video then add an annotation. When visitors click the subscribe button they’ll be redirected to your subscribe link.

Now you know the Pros and Cons of buying youtube
subscribers using YouTube Video Ads

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How To Create A List Of Laser Targeted Keywords Using Veeroll

If you target the wrong keywords you’ll waste hours creating videos that won’t generate much traffic. When people Google a specific keyword or search YouTube you want your video to show up on the first page. To achieve this you have to target keywords people enter into the search engines.

Veeroll is web-based software that enables you to find targeted keywords in Google or YouTube that you can immediately use in your video ad campaigns. It will extract 100s of related keyword phrases within a few minutes.

Watch the video below..

Now you know how to create a huge list of laser targeted keywords
for your video ads campaigns using Veeroll.

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