WordPress Ecommerce Plugins: Which Plugin Is Best To Build Your Online Store?

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The beauty about building an ecommerce store using WordPress is that you incorporate a content management system. This enables you to easily add great articles about your products which results in attracting more traffic from the search engines and getting your visitors to return. You will also have an RSS feed so visitors can subscribe to your content plus they can leave comments on your blog.

Since there are so many Ecommerce WordPress Plugins (free and paid) I’m just going to look at the features of the 3 most popular ones, then install each of them separately to see which one I prefer and why.

The type of plugin you select will depend on what your needs are. For instance if you’re just selling an ebook on your WordPress Website simply open up a PayPal account and insert the html code for a “Buy Now” button image. You even have the option to use your own image. You don’t need to install an ecommerce plugin.

If you’re selling 100s or 1000s of hard goods (in my case it’s gift items for a retail store) you”ll need a more robust solution…a plugin that can easily manage 1000s of products.

Let’s look at the features of 3 popular WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

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