Website Goals – Part 2

Be Specific

Your website goals should be detailed in what you wish to accomplish.

i.e. “I want to gain revenue of $6000 a year from my website.”

Break your larger goals into smaller ones.

i.e. “I will make $500 a month”.

Break this goal down even further by creating action steps to achieve it.

Be Realistic

Don’t try to set your goals so high that you can’t achieve them. You’ve probably received those offers in your email box promising $5000 a day if you buy this software now. If it’s too good to true, then it’s probably not true, so be realistic with your website goals. Also don’t set too many goals so that you can’t accomplish them.

Make Challenging Goals

Don’t set your goals too low. Anything you want to accomplish that is worthwhile takes time and effort. If you take strong action and make a lot of effort over a substantial period of time, you will reap great rewards.

Prioritize Your Goals

Set your goals based upon their time of completion and importance. Get the most important ones completed first, then it will be easier to complete the others.

Create Measurable Goals

Create goals that can easily be evaluated. Don’t make lofty goals that can’t be measured. For example “I want to be rich.” Is a lofty goal that can’t me evaluated.


Write your goals down on paper and keep it nearby so that you can constantly refer to them. It’s easy to lose site of them once you become busy with the details. If you constantly focus on your goals you will have a better chance of achieving them. If you repeat this process every year you will be well on the way to creating a profitable business.


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