Website Goals

One very significant aspect in the planning of your website is writing down your goals. Establishing clear website goals will
determine the success or failure of your website. You need to ask yourself…

“What do I want to achieve with my website?”

Is it to make money, gain subscribers, provide information or to create a family website? Based on the type of website you want to build you can determine what types of goals you need to focus on.

Types of Goals

Long term
If you are planning to own a site that will be profitable for the long term you will need to set some long term goals.
It’s the same as creating a business plan. Create a plan that will enable your site to generate profits for years to come.

Short Term

The goal for your site may be to just sell a product for a limited period of time i.e. over Christmas or you might want to promote a political candidate during the voting season.

For most websites you need to create short and long term goals. For example the short term goal of my web log is to write short tips and articles about all aspects of web design. My long term goals are to make money from it including AdSense Ads, Affiliate Programs and selling ebooks. Another long term goal is to attract enough traffic so that I’ll have ongoing requests for my website design services.

My ultimate marketing goal is to achieve high search engine rankings so I’ll receive a constant stream of visitors from the search

Setting website goals is like creating a road map for the future success of your business.


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