Writer’s Block – How to Find New Ideas To Write About

Part 1

It’s easy to produce many articles when writing on a topic you are excited about because the ideas come rapidly. After a while the ideas stop flowing. It seems like you have lost your creativity. You stare at your monitor waiting for ideas to start flowing yet nothing happens. You are experiencing what’s called writer’s block. Don’t worry, it even happens to the best writers, however there is a solution.

Top 7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

1. View your site statistics

Log in to the statistics for your web site. This is usually provided by your web host. If not, find one that provides comprehensive statistics. It should display: number of hits, visitors, referring web sites, external links, and the most popular keyword phrases. The keyword phrases indicate what keywords people are entering into the search engines to find your web site. Use this list to generate new article topics or content. Include the specific keyword phrase in your article(s). Monitoring these phrases from time to time will provide new ideas for future articles.

2. Visit article directories

Visit any major article directory and search on the topic you wish to write about. Your search will produce hundreds of articles written by other people on the same topic. This will get your creative juices going. Don’t copy or plagiarise someoone else’s article because it is protected by copyright. Reading these articles will stimulate your own ideas that you can put into writing.

3. Visit forums and blogs

Enter “keyword+forum” or “keyword+blog” in the Google search box. This will display forums and blogs containing content for a
specific keyword. Study the discussions or comments. They will show you popular topics your target audience is thinking about and questions they are asking. Write articles based on these popular topics and questions. It’s content your readers are talking about and seeking.

Part 2 of “How to Overcome Writer’s Block will appear in my next post.


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