Zen Cart SEO | Create a Google Site Map

So you’ve set up your Zen Cart Store but it doesn’t appear in Google yet. One of the best and fastest ways to get Google to crawl your pages is to create and submit a Google Site Map. It helps Google to identify what pages are the most important and how frequently they change.

How to create a Google Site Map

1. Create a Google Webmaster Tools account

From this account you receive a constant analysis ie
Diagnostics, Statistics, Links, Site Maps and Tools to enhance your site.

2. Create your Site Map

* Go to http://www.sitemapspal.com and enter your site’s address.
* Copy the code that it generates for your site and paste it into notepad.
* Save the text file as sitemap.xml
* Upload this file to the root directory (same place as your home page) of your web server.
* Submit the Site Map to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Once your Zen Cart Store has been indexed by Google you will be able to monitor it anytime by accessing your Google Webmaster Tools account and view the statistics generated by your Site Map.

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  1. Nice Tutorial to create sitemap for zen-cart..Thanks

  2. yes..really useful to me..i m using zencart but i dont know how to create sitemap.Thanks 4 sharing

  3. i m also using zencart let we try the google sitemap….Thanks for sharing great article …

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