Market Samurai Review – Top 7 Reasons Why Market Samurai Is The Best Keyword Research Tool

Market Samurai Review

Effective keyword research begins by using the best keyword research tool that generates the most accurate results. Ineffective tools only waste your precious time. For instance the Google AdWords Tool is free and easy to use however it’s results are grossly inaccurate because the data only comes from Google. Also it includes automated searches plus it doesn’t have the ability to analyze and filter the results for finding the most profitable keywords to use in your content.

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Why Market Samurai Is The Best Keyword Research Tool

1. Full featured interface

One of the drawbacks of the all the free keyword tools available is that you have to open several browser windows to check search counts, analyze the competition, research domain age, etc. Market Samurai doesn’t just generate a list of keywords but provides all the necessary tools for analyzing and filtering the results within one simple interface.

2. Step-by-step video tutorials

Often the creator of software doesn’t clearly explain how it works because it’s easy for them to understand but not for the average person. Market Samurai provides screenshots and videos for explaining each step in what’s called the “Dojo.” No longer are you left in the dark but learn how to do it correctly to get the best results.

3. Generates a large list of keywords

Most free keyword tools only generate a list of 100 keywords. This places a limitation on the number of potential keywords to use in your content. Market Samurai generates a list of 800 keywords. You can then apply several filters to find the most profitable keywords from your list.

4. One time cost

Instead of charging you a monthly fee (like most paid keyword research tools) this tool only has a one time cost and the creators of the software keep updating it on a regular basis.

5. Store multiple accounts in one place

If you conduct research in multiple niches using the Google AdWords Tool you can’t store your information for multiple accounts to review them at a later date. Market Samurai enables you to store the research for different niches all in one place so you can compare the keyword research you did several months ago with your current research.

6. Create ranking reports for your clients

Keeping track of your own or your clients’ search engine rankings is necessary so you can take steps to maintain their ranking positions. Market Samurai generates ranking reports which you can either use yourself or pass on to your clients.

7. Saves a ton of time

The real beauty of this tool it quickly generates a large list of long tail keywords and analyzes them for profitability by displaying the results in easy to read columns. Now you have a list of profitable keyword phrases that can be used for new creating new articles or posts. Creating unique content for each of these topics will result in attracting new streams of traffic to your website from the search engines.

Watch How Market Samurai Finds Profitable Long Tail Keywords

Therefore I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Market Samurai

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