Brand Account vs Personal YouTube Account Which One Is Right For You?

brand vs personal youtube channel

Should you create a Brand account or a Regular, Personal account when starting a YouTube channel from scratch?  Which is the right one to use?  In the video below , you'll learn how brand accounts differ from regular YouTube … Continue reading...

How To Eliminate Commercials On YouTube In A Few Easy Steps

Recently, I've been so annoyed at the non-skippable ads appearing on videos, that I immediately stopped watching them. Have you experienced the same?  In the video below, you'll learn how to eliminate the commercials playing on your own … Continue reading...

How To Get Rid Of Your YouTube Community Guidelines Warning For Good!

strike removed

The community guidelines warning below hits me every time I log into my YouTube dashboard, and it’s remained there for several years. It’s given me some anxiety because if I get 3 community guideline strikes, my channel can be terminated. Fortunately, YouTube is making a big policy change, which will allow me to get rid […]

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YouTube Bans Links In Shorts (HOW TO FIX IT)

The clickable links on all your YouTube shorts are being banned by YouTube from August 31st, 2023. That means Pinned Comments in YouTube Shorts or any other Shorts will no longer be clickable. It also means the clickable link in the shorts description or in the descriptions of any other Shorts videos will no longer be clickable. […]

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Stop Missing Out: Discover 6 New Ways To Make YouTube Shorts

create youtube shorts

Do you want to take your Shorts to the next level so you can grow your channel fast?  YouTube shorts are now being watched by over 6 billion users every month, and YouTube is introducing 6 new ways to create shorts on YouTube. Get My New Shorts Course: Mastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete GuideClick here for more […]

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5 Highly Effective ChatGPT Hacks To Grow Your YouTube Channel

growth hacks

Do you sometimes waste hours trying to come up with YouTube video ideas, scripts, titles, descriptions, and want to find a solution? Millions of people use chat GPT, or AI to make their life easier. In the video below, I’ll show you 5 highly effective chat GPT Hacks to Grow Your YouTube channel. Click here to get […]

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Why Is it Important To Know Your Target Audience (IDEAL VIEWER)

know your audience

Do you spend hours filming, editing, promoting your video, but it only results in a few views?  You’re probably targeting the wrong audience because the YouTube algorithm helps viewers find the videos that they want to watch based upon their browsing behavior. If you deliver the content your viewers want to watch, they’ll keep coming […]

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How To Merge 2 Videos Into One Video In Seconds For Free Online

merge video clips

YouTube’s video editor doesn’t allow you to combine 2 videos into one,  so in this video I’m going to show you how to merge 2 videos into one using a free online video editor called Kapwing. Click here to Get My New Video Course“SECRETS TO AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT” You’ll discover how to hook your viewers’ attention, get them […]

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How To Add Timestamp On YouTube


Have you ever spent time trying to find an exact moment in a video?  Timestamps or video chapters allows you to jump forward to a specific section of a video or rewatch a portion of that video.  Chapters appear at the bottom of the video player, and you can use timestamps from the video description. In […]

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MAKE MORE MONEY On YouTube With YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program

sell affiliate products on youtube

The YouTube Shopping affiliate program is a great way to earn money on YouTube by recommending the products you love and it creates a seamless experience for your viewers. When you tag products in your videos, shorts, or live streams, a shopping button will appear directly on your content. Viewers can then browse the products […]

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