How To Find Hidden Content Gaps On YouTube

how to find hidden content gaps on youtube

When YouTube introduced Shorts, almost everyone was using their phones to create them, however, I found it much easier to create them on my computer, yet nobody was talking about how to do it. I had identified a content gap that nobody … Continue reading...

STOP trading time for money! (How I Generate A Full Time Passive Income On YouTube)


Back in the year 2000, I started a professional web design business and often wasted many hours dealing with picky clients that wanted multiple changes to their website. It often resulted in a lot of stress, and I had little time for travel or … Continue reading...

How To Rank #1 On YouTube In 2024 | Generate Traffic & Revenue While Sleeping

rank on th3e firsat page on youtube and google

This video currently ranks on the first page of YouTube and has gotten over 114,000 views since it was published two years ago. It also ranks on the first page of Google out of 178 million results.  In the video below, I show you how to rank on the 1st page of YouTube and Google […]

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Boost Your YouTube Cash Flow: Avoid These Monetization Mistakes

YouTube Monetization Mistakes

Is it possible to make some serious cash from your videos, even if you’re a small channel?  I’ve been on YouTube for the last 17 years and would’ve made a lot more money from my channel if I hadn’t made these serious mistakes. Today, you’ll learn the monetization mistakes to avoid so you’ll make more money faster. Discover […]

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7 Reasons You’re Not Making Money On YouTube (HOW TO FIX)

7 Reasons You're Not Making Money On YouTube

Meet Sarah, a passionate content creator with a dream of turning her love for travel and adventure into a thriving YouTube channel. She’s eager to share her experiences and inspire others to make a living from her creative endeavors, however, she’s currently not making any money from her YouTube channel. How can she fix this?  Here […]

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How To Maximize YouTube Ad Revenue Even If You Get Less Views

YouTube ad revenue

How can you maximize your YouTube ad revenue, especially if you get less views on your videos?  For example, this video received 307,000 views in the last 365 days and made $1,273. This video received over 175,000 views in the last 365 days and made $1,487. Later, I’ll explain the differences In this video, you […]

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No More Warnings: Permanently Remove YouTube Community Guidelines Warning Strike With Ease

remove youtube community guidelines warning

The Community Guidelines warning strike has been appearing on my YouTube dashboard for the last 4 years. Recently, I received a message on my dashboard that says, “you can now take a short policy training to expire your community guidelines warning”. In this video, I’m going to show you the process on how I removed the […]

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How I Make Money On YouTube While Sleeping (EARN MORE WITH LESS EFFORT))

make money on youtube while sleeping

Are you tired of the daily grind and want to turn your dreams into reality? In this video, I’ll show you 3 proven strategies on how I grow my bank account even while I’m sleeping. Let’s dive in! Discover my top strategies to get your first 1000 subscribers FAST, so you can join the YouTube Partner Program […]

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10 Ways To Use AI To Work Less & Earn More On YouTube

ai software

Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to come up with YouTube video ideas, clickable titles, writing video scripts, editing, analyzing your data and managing  your YouTube channel?  Well, it’s time to supercharge YouTube game with AI technology. In the video below, I’m going to show you 10 incredible ways to use AI on […]

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Make More From Doing Less On Youtube

make more money on youtube do less

Would you like to spend more time doing the things you love while working less and making more from YouTube?  For many years, I was hustling on YouTube, uploading three videos a week, but now I only upload once a week and have less stress, more time, and make more money. In the video below, […]

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