How To Make Your Videos More Engaging (5 Tips)

how to keep viewers engaged

61% of viewers are still watching this video around the 30 second mark, which is above typical. How did I achieve that?  If over 60% of your viewers are still watching your video after 60 seconds, there's a higher probability they'll … Continue reading...

Secrets To YouTube Browse Features Revealed: What You Didn’t Know!

Have you ever noticed that whenever you upload a new video, most of the traffic comes from YouTube browse features?  In the video below, you'll learn... - what browse features are - the different types of browse features on YouTube - how to … Continue reading...

Never Run Out of Ideas Again: YouTube Inspiration Tab Tutorial

never run out of youtube vido ideas again

Do you struggle to create new videos that your audience is interested in?  The new inspiration tab, formerly called the research tab, can help you think of new video ideas your viewers want to watch. It’ll also save you time by creating an outline for your next video. Let me show you how to get […]

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10 Creative Ways To Find Inspiration for Your Next YouTube Video

Picture this…you’re staring at your camera eager to create, but inspiration won’t come. We’ve all been there feeling stuck and frustrated, but what if you could break through that creative block and find fresh creative ideas effortlessly. In the video below, I share 10 unique ways to spark your creativity and create your next video masterpiece. […]

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Uploaded Shorts Daily for 30 Days – Here’s What I Learned!

lessons learned from uploading shorts daily for 30 days

Are YouTube Short’s worth it? I wanted to see what would happen if I uploaded a Short every day for 30 days then pass on what I learned to my audience. In the video below, I show you the strategy I used, the results I got, and what I learned after 30 days. My Shorts […]

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With YouTube For Beginners

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With YouTube For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to start making money on YouTube. For example, I’ve made over $14,000 in lifetime commissions promoting the TubeBuddy affiliate program. In the video below, you’ll learn the top benefits of promoting affiliate products on YouTube, how to choose relevant products, the types of content to create, where […]

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How To Find (HOT) Trending Topics On YouTube

find trending topics on youtube

This shorts video got 1.5 million views in a couple of days because it was trending on YouTube.“If you can get your mom anything for Mother’s Day, what would you get her Whoa. Let’s Go Get It” Finding trending topics on YouTube is a great way to get new content ideas and make videos that […]

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How To Trigger The YouTube Algorithm In 2024 (GET MILLIONS OF VIEWS)

How To Trigger The YouTube Algorithm In 2024

Have you ever published a video that only resulted in a few views then wondered why the YouTube algorithm hates your channel?  In the video below, you’ll learn how the YouTube algorithm works and how to trigger it so you can get a ton of views even weeks, months, or years later. For example, this video […]

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How To Find Hidden Content Gaps On YouTube

how to find hidden content gaps on youtube

When YouTube introduced Shorts, almost everyone was using their phones to create them, however, I found it much easier to create them on my computer, yet nobody was talking about how to do it. I had identified a content gap that nobody was talking about on YouTube, so I uploaded a video called “How to Upload […]

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STOP trading time for money! (How I Generate A Full Time Passive Income On YouTube)


Back in the year 2000, I started a professional web design business and often wasted many hours dealing with picky clients that wanted multiple changes to their website. It often resulted in a lot of stress, and I had little time for travel or leisure because I had to meet deadlines. There was also a limitation […]

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