Boost Your Channel’s Visibility With YouTube Playlists & Generate More Views

If you’re looking to boost the views and engagement for your YouTube channel, YouTube playlists are the way to go. They can be discovered in suggested videos,  on your channel homepage,  playlist page, above your video title, featured in your video description,  linked in a card or end screen,  ranked in YouTube search or Google search, or pinned to the top of your comments.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to create a perfect playlist, how to add videos to your playlist, how to optimize your playlist so it gets a ton of views, how to share and promote your playlists, and learn the best practices so you can gain maximum visibility for your channel and videos.

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Why create playlists for your YouTube channel? 

It’s a great way to categorize your content so viewers can binge watch related videos together. When they watch one video in a playlist, the next one automatically begins playing.

They also help to increase engagement and watch time because instead of just watching one video, they’ll watch several videos in a row. When someone watches a video in an official playlist, YouTube will recommend the related videos from that playlist.

When viewers watch multiple videos from your channel in one session, there’s a higher probability that YouTube will suggest those videos to a wider audience.

YouTube says…
Our goal is to get people to watch more videos that they enjoy so they can come back to YouTube regularly” 

What are Suggested Videos?

Suggested videos is a personalized connection of videos that an individual viewer may be interested in watching next, based on prior activity or past watch history. As you can see, these videos appear on the right side of the watch page,  below the video on the mobile app, and as the next video in auto play. 

75% of YouTube’s traffic comes from suggested traffic. That’s why YouTube playlists are very powerful.

How to create and optimize a perfect playlist so it gets tons of views

  • Log into YouTube studio,
  • click on create at the  top right click on new playlist.
  • Give your playlist a title ie “how to create engaging YouTube videos with chatGPT”
  • Keep in mind your playlist title will appear on your channel homepage, as well as above your video title on the video watch page. 
  • Select visibility.
  • You have the choice, public, private, or unlisted. 
  • Click public.
  • Click create.
  • Click on your content tab,
  • Click on playlists.
  • Hover over the pencil that says “Edit on YouTube“. Currently it has no videos and no description.
  • Click on edit description, “how to use chatGPT to make engaging videos that get more views“. 
  • Click save.

Keep in mind, your playlist description will appear on your channel homepage.

How To Add Videos To Your Playlist

  • Under the playlist title. 
  • Click on the 3 dots.
  • Click add videos.
  • Select the related videos that you want added to your playlist.
  • Click add videos.
  • To add a video, click on the three dots.
  • Click add videos.
  • Select the video from the list, or you can search all YouTube or paste the URL in the box.
  • Click add videos. 
  • Now I can see it’s added to my playlist.
  • If I click on the three dots, it says, add to cue, save to watch later, save to playlist, remove from this playlist, share it. I can move it to the top, move it to bottom.

How To Set The Playlist Thumbnail

I can also choose any video’s thumbnail to set as a playlist thumbnail.
Now you can see the thumbnail has changed.

If you want to delete this video, hover over the three dots, click remove.

I can also sort these videos by just dragging and dropping them.
– Click on the three dots.
– Click on playlist settings
– Allow embedding,
– Add new videos to the top of the playlist. 

Set Playlist as official series
This means if somebody’s watching a video in a playlist, YouTube will recommend the other videos in the playlist. Now, if I click play all, the first video plays in the playlist, and then the other videos in the playlist.

Keep in mind that it may take a while for a clickable playlist link to appear under your video, because YouTube is still rolling this out. You’re not only going to get a clickable playlist link under your video, but if you go into your description and scroll down,  under chapters, you’ll see featured playlist. Then if you click on that, it’ll go to your playlist page.

This means that viewers don’t have to leave your video watch page to click on your playlist and watch related videos leading to more views.

Where should you share your playlist link to expose content to a wider audience? 

  • Create sections on your channel homepage containing playlists.
  • Add it to your video description so viewers will watch more than one video.
  • Pin it to the top of your comments so when viewers go to leave a comment, they’ll see your playlist link.
  • Link to a related playlist in the end screen so viewers will continue their viewing session.
  • Share your playlist link on social media sites to expose your content to a wider audience.
  • Embed your playlist on your blog to increase the chances of your playlist getting found in YouTube search and Google search.

Here are some best practices for using playlists to boost your channel’s visibility

  • Create a compelling title and description, because it’ll appear on your channel homepage, and it’ll help your playlist get discovered in the search engines.
  • Choose your best thumbnail from the list of videos in your playlist, so it stands out in the search engines.
  • Set your playlist as an official series, so the related videos in that playlist will be recommended by YouTube. Keep in mind, you must have a verified account to use series playlists and a video cannot appear in more than one series playlist.
  • Place your best playlist at the top of your channel homepage because this is what first time visitors see first and will encourage them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Place your most popular videos at the beginning of your playlist because these videos have proven to attract a lot of traffic.
  • Avoid placing too many videos in your playlist because I find that most viewers only watch the first few videos in that playlist.
  • Before you create a playlist, think about a series of videos based upon a specific theme, then make sure those videos flow into each other.
  • When you link to a playlist in the end screen or end card, make sure you link to the whole playlist URL instead of to a single video. .

If you’re a small channel or just getting started on YouTube, I highly recommend adding videos from popular channels to your playlist. Make sure you place one of your own videos at the beginning of your playlist so you get credit for that viewing session. This will help boost your channel’s visibility and speed up its growth

If you want to increase engagement and watch time on YouTube videos, watch this video titled “Do This Trick to Keep Them Watching Your Videos”

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How The YouTube Shorts Algorithm Works (so you can get more views)

Recently I was skiing the slopes at Liberty Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania when I crashed after losing my balance. Just like learning how to ski. , once you know how the shorts algorithm works, you’ll be able to successfully make shorts videos that generate lots of views and subscribers.

In the video below, you’ll learn how the shorts algorithm works, so you can create high quality shorts videos that resonate with your audience.

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How does the Shorts recommendation system choose which videos to promote?

Let’s hear from someone that works at YouTube…
The Shorts recommendation system’s goal is to match viewers with content they will love and find valuable.

So if you’ve been watching a lot of martial arts videos, you’re probably going to see shorts videos related to martial arts on the shorts feed.

What signals does YouTube use to select the right shorts to show on the shorts feed?

When viewers scroll their shorts feed, our systems include videos based on many different signals personal to each user, such as watch history, videos from channels they follow, videos watched by similar viewers and more.

This means the shorts videos that I see when scrolling the YouTube app on my phone are going to be different than the Shorts videos that you see because I have a different watch history or I’ve subscribed to different channels.

How are Shorts videos ranked?

These videos are then ranked based on their performance and relevance to that individual viewer. How many impressions your videos get is based on how your video ranks against all other shorts, or the user may watch and how many videos that viewer watched from their feed.

So if you upload a Shorts video, it may initially get a lot of views, but then you’ll see a decrease in views over time. This is because you’re competing with other creators that are making Shorts videos on similar topics. Keep in mind the performance of a short is dictated by whether or not people are choosing to watch that video or skip it, when scrolling the shorts feed.

How long does it take for a YouTube Short to hit the algorithm?

It usually takes a few days to get a decent amount of views if it’s a good video and viewers engage with it. For example, this Shorts video from Bakkersfeeling Adventures, received 2.2 thousand views within the first 24 hours but it received. 2.2 million views sent was published. 

Bastiaan the Creator says, “the interesting thing here is that it didn’t do all that well the first 24 hours. Well, it did for me in comparison to previous uploads. It didn’t pick up until day 5”

The video itself is currently still receiving over 50,000 views per day after 28 days.

Keep in mind, if your shorts flop, it won’t affect your long form videos because they’re two separate algorithms. If viewers don’t engage with it, it sends a signal to the YouTube algorithm not to promote this video to a wider .audience. As a result, you’ll see a decrease in views from the shorts feed.

On the other hand, if a shorts video goes viral, it may increase the traffic on other videos on your channel because viewers see the other videos and engage with them.

How long does YouTube recommend long-form videos to Shorts viewers?

The YouTube algorithm now considers recent long form videos when recommending content to YouTube shorts viewers. This means you can use Shorts videos to promote long form content. For example, you can edit the long form video into a short, and you get a link back to the original video at the end of your short.

If you want to know how to make a short from your existing videos on YouTube using the YouTube app, click here to watch this video.

How do Shorts get discovered in Search?

The beauty of YouTube shorts is that they can be discovered in Google search as well as YouTube search leading to evergreen traffic.

For example, this shorts video titled “How to Add a Subscribe Button to YouTube video in 60 Seconds” currently ranks number one on Google search out of 111 million results. It also dominates the first page by showing a large custom thumbnail.

It also appears on the first page of YouTube search. As you can see, it’s got over 12,000 views since it was published and still receives 104 views every 48 hours.

If you want to get your Shorts videos to rank on the first page of Google or YouTube search, make Shorts videos based upon how-to topics. For example, I titled this Shorts video, “How to Add a Subscribe Button to YouTube video in 60 Seconds” 

Here’s what Gary Vee recommends on how to attract traffic from search using YouTube shorts

“Right now, YouTube shorts for everybody here, should be their number one obsession. So being great at YouTube shorts is a something I highly recommend. Lots of virality, but YouTube has something which is search. So when you make it, you title it, it can go viral, but then it sits on the number two search engine in the world, which is YouTube.”

Do you struggle to get your shorts seen on YouTube? 

If so, watch this video titled “YouTube shorts not showing how to fix it” You’ll discover 5  places where viewers can find your shorts and the best ways to optimize them to get more views.

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3 Ways ChatGPT Will Revolutionize YouTube In 2023 And Beyond

ChatGPT allows you to quickly and easily create professional level videos, which will take your content to the next level.

In the video below, I show you 3 highly effective ways on how to use chat GPTs AI powered brain to make your video production easier and faster.

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Have you ever stared at a blank computer screen trying to come up with new video ideas? When you use chatGPT’s, AI powered Brain, you can automate this task and generate a bunch of video ideas within a few seconds. I asked chatGPT to “list out 10 video ideas on how to get more views on YouTube” 

Let’s see what it’s got

How to tutorial videos on a specific topic or skill that is popular or in demand” 
“Product reviews and unboxings, especially if you can offer unique insights or demonstrate the product in action”
“Q and A or ask me anything videos where viewers can submit questions for you to answer”

The beauty of using this AI powered brain to generate video ideas for future videos is that it automates the task and gets it done within a few seconds.

If I’m not happy with these 10 ideas, I can ask it to give me 10 more.

I asked ChatGPT to “Give me 10 more”.
“Share your own tips and tricks or hacks for a specific task or problem that many people face”.
“Create a day in the live video that shows what your typical day looks like and offers behind the scenes look at your life or work”

This means you can automate repetitive tasks like coming up with new video ideas, creating a video script, or coming up with new video titles, which I’ll show you later.


Instead of spending hours trying to write a video script or trying to come up with different video titles, you can use chatgpt to save a ton of time. I asked chat GPT to list out 10 titles for how to get more views on YouTube. Here’s what it generated,

10 proven strategies to boost your YouTube views”
How to increase your YouTube view count, a step by step guide
“Maximizing YouTube views, expert tips and tricks”
The ultimate guide to getting more views on YouTube

As you can see, it certainly speeds up the task of generating a bunch of new video titles, and it does an even better job than my own brain.

If I want to improve on any of these titles, I can ask chatGPT to fix it.

I asked ChatGPT to “Fix this title”. “10 Proven Strategies to Boost YouTube Views”.

It gave me “10 strategies to increase YouTube views backed by research”. Another option was “10 tested methods for enhancing YouTube viewership”


It usually takes me hours to write a video script because I have to do the research ahead of time and usually the script is full of errors. Let’s see how fast and accurate chatgpt is when it comes to writing a video script.

I decided to use a title that chatgpt gave me… “Five creative ideas

for increasing your YouTube views” So I asked it to write a script for a video titled, “Five Creative Ideas for Increasing Your YouTube Views”. Let’s see what it’s got.  “Are you looking for ways to get more eyes on YouTube videos? Look no further. In this video, we’ll be sharing you five creative strategies for increasing your YouTube views. First up, we have the power of collaboration. Partnering with other YouTubers in your niche can be a great way to expose your channel to a new audience” Notice how fast it’s created this video script much faster than what I can do myself. As you can see, the sentence structure is perfect and includes proper punctuation and grammar.

What if I want to summarize the script that ChatGPT created for me
and use it as a description for my video? 

“Summarize the script”  Within a few seconds ChatGPT summarized the script that it created for me so I could possibly use this for the description of the video.

What if you’re struggling to come up with attention grabbing hooks
for the beginning of your video? 

Can ChatGPT help? 

Let’s ask chatGPT. “Give me  10 ideas for attention grabbing hooks for the first 10 seconds of a video titled How to Get More Views on YouTube.” 

“Want to skyrocket your Views on YouTube? Here’s the secret formula you need to know“. 
“Tired of low view counts on your videos. Learn the top strategies for boosting views now
“Discover the little known hacks that top YouTubers use to get millions of views”.

As you can see, chatGPT came up with 10 attention grabbing hooks within a few seconds. Now, keep in mind that other people probably thousands, are using chatGPT to create video scripts, titles, video topics, et cetera.

Instead of using the exact script that chatgpt produces, try to include some of your own unique takes on the topic. For example, you can include some of your own experiences, case studies and examples. This will help differentiate your video from other videos that are using the same script.

If you want to learn more ways on how to use chatGPT to make better videos, watch this video on the screen right now titled “Unlock 5 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT to Make Better Videos”.

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10 Proven Strategies for Growing Your YouTube Channel (#9 Might Surprise You)

While walking around the lake today, I thought, how many creators are stuck trying to grow their channels because their views and subs are lower than usual. 

In this video, I’ll be sharing the top tactics and strategies to grow a YouTube channel in the coming year.

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1. Define your target audience.

Before you start creating your content, it’s important to know who your target audience is. This will help you tailor your content and messaging to the right people that want to consume your content. One of the best ways to do this is to look at your YouTube analytics and click on the audience tab, and you’ll be able to see the demographics of your target audience, the age, gender, country they come from, what other videos they watch, and what other channels they watch. You can also use the research tab to look for content gaps on your YouTube channel

2. Create a consistent schedule.

One of the keys to growing a   YouTube channel is to consistently produce and publish new content. Try to determine a schedule that works for you and stick to it as much as possible. This will help keep your audience engaged and keep coming back for more.

For example, I try to upload a regular video every Tuesday, and then might publish a short later on on the week. Over the 16 years that I grew my YouTube channel, the key factor to success was being consistent.

One of the best ways to be consistent is to batch script and batch film your videos so you won’t get stressed out trying to keep up with your  upload schedule.

3. Optimize your title and description.

Your title plays a crucial role in helping your video get discovered in the search engines on the YouTube homepage and in suggested videos. It’s one of the first things that people see beside your thumbnail, which I’ll discuss later.

If you’re just starting out on YouTube or have a small channel, I highly recommend looking for those search terms that people are entering into the search engines to find your particular niche. If you rank for those search terms on YouTube and Google, you get a lot of evergreen traffic for years to come.

If you have an established channel, look in YouTube analytics for those search terms that people are finding your videos via suggestive videos or on YouTube search. Avoid just creating titles for the search engines, but also try to satisfy the curiosity of your viewers. If you do that, you’ll have success.

When you write a video description, try to include your main keywords in the description because it’ll help your videos get found in the search engines. Keep in mind that the first 3 lines of your video description is what viewers see while they’re watching your video.

4.  Upload a custom thumbnail image.

Your thumbnail is the first thing that people see when they come across your video in the search engines or on the YouTube homepage. Make sure you use eye-catching and compelling thumbnail images to entice people to click on your videos.

Try to avoid the mistake of using the same text in your thumbnail as you would in your title. Instead, try to arouse curiosity in your thumbnail so people are more likely to click on it.

Keep in mind that your title and thumbnail should compliment each other to win the click.

5. Engage with your audience.

Interacting with your audience is a crucial part of building a successful YouTube channel. Make sure you reply to comments left by viewers under your videos and engage with other creators. Another great way to engage with your target audience is to post to your community tab. You can add polls, videos, images, and even do image polls. 

If you currently don’t have the community tab because you’re under 500 subscribers, watch this video on “how to get the community tab, even if your channel is under 500 subscribers”

6. Collaborate with other creators.

Collaborating with other creators helps expose your content to a different audience. It may enable you to expose your content to their audience and their content to your audience.

7. Utilize video SEO.

Just like traditional optimization, it’s important to optimize your videos for the search engines, particularly if you’re just starting out or have a small channel.

For example, you can use the free online site, to find the most frequently asked questions in your niche. Just enter your main keyword in the search box and you’ll discover the most frequent asked questions.

You can also install the free Chrome extension TubeBuddy, to find the most searched words for your niche.

Another thing you can do to help your videos get discovered is to include close captions on your videos. Click here to learn 3 Ways To Transcribe Your YouTube Video Into Text (FREE & PAID)

Another thing I recommend is to add video chapters in the description below your video. Often this helps to improve the retention on your videos.

8. Promote your videos

Don’t just rely on the YouTube algorithm for your viewers to discover your videos. Promote your video on social media sites as well as on your email list if you have one.

If you have a Facebook group, promote it on your group and also promote it on your community tab. Another great way to promote your video is to add it to a playlist containing videos that are related to the one that they’ve just watched.

You can also promote the next video to watch by pinning it to the top of your comments.

If you use some of these strategies for promotion, you don’t have to rely on the search engines. Keep in mind that one of the highest traffic sources for YouTube are suggested videos, so if you keep people longer on the video platform, they’re more inclined to binge watch multiple videos in a row.

9. Analyze your Data

YouTube provides a wealth of data on how your videos are performing in the search engines and suggested videos and elsewhere. Make sure you regularly check your analytics so you can optimize your future videos.

One of the best things to check for is your audience retention graph and your clickthrough rate. If you get a high audience retention on your videos, that means people are engaged on your video.

If you get a high clickthrough rate, that means many people are clicking and watching your videos. If you get dips in your audience retention graph, that means people are leaving or bored with your content.

When you make your next video, try to increase your audience retention and your click through rate. If you do this, more of your videos will be suggested and recommended by YouTube.

10. Keep learning and experimenting

The YouTube landscape is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up with the latest trends and best practices. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things to see what works for your YouTube channel. One Small tweak can make a big difference.

I hope these 10 strategies have given you some helpful ideas to grow your YouTube channel in 2023. Remember, consistency and engagement is key, so keep producing high quality content and engage with your viewers.

If you want to use YouTube shorts to grow your channel in 2023, watch this video for “10 killer ways to grow your channel using YouTube shorts”.

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Unlock 5 Creative Ways To Use ChatGPT To Make Better YouTube Videos

Could artificial intelligence speed up the process of making YouTube videos?

Let’s find out.

I asked chatGPT to list out 10 niches in the fitness industry. Within a few seconds chatGPT listed out 10 niches in the fitness industry. It was even faster than what I could come up with from my own brain.

In the video below, you’ll learn what chatGPT is, 5 creative ways to use chatGPT to create YouTube videos, the limitations of using chatGPT and my recommendations on how to use it.

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What Is ChatGPT?

If you go to, it says, we’ve trained a model called ChatGPT, which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for chatGPT to answer follow up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. It’s revolutionary artificial intelligence technology because it’s trained to learn what humans mean when they ask a question. As you’ll see later, it has a remarkable ability to engage in conversational dialogue and provide responses that are surprisingly human.

Use AI To Get Niche/Sub-Niche Ideas

Previously, I asked the AI to list 10 niches in the fitness industry. Here’s the list of the sub niches the AI came up with in response to my request. You could choose anyone of these sub niches and run with it, but I recommend going a little deeper and niching down even more.

I asked the AI “Provide a list of 10 sub niches for the strength training niche.” Here’s what I got. I’ve recently been experimenting with high intensity interval training, so I’m going to go with that sub niche. As you can see, chatGPT is a fast way to come up with niche ideas for future YouTube channels. It can also help you to niche down, so you can target a specific audience.

Use AI To Create YouTube Video Titles

Now, I need to come up with some creative video titles based upon the sub niche that I’ve chosen As simply feed the sub niche back into the machine and ask to come up with some video titles.

List out 10 titles for a YouTube video on high intensity training.”  Wow, that’s incredible. I definitely couldn’t have come up with such creative video titles in such a short time. I’ll probably go with title number nine that says, “Maximize Your Time with these quick and effective HIIT workouts.” 

Recently, the MorningFame keyword research tool added the AI to generate new title ideas. I simple entered the title of this video, “5 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT to make YouTube videos” I then clicked on “Get AI title ideas.” It says, powered by OpenAI. “Unlock 5 Creative Ways to use ChatGPT to dominate YouTube videos” It’s even got a relevancy score of 60%.

The second one also has 60%. “5 creative strategies to use chatGPT to make professional YouTube videos”  I kind like the first suggestion the best because it stands out from all the other titles. I’ll place a link to MORNINGFAME in the description below this video.

The next step is to create a detailed outline or a video script for my video

Use AI To Create An Outline Or Video Script

If you need inspiration for what to say in your video, you can use the AI to generate a video script. “Write a video script for a video titled Maximize Your Time with These Quick and Effective HIIT Workouts.”  Here’s the video script the AI generated within a few seconds.

Incredible, isn’t it? 

Now, I don’t recommend just reading the script on your video, but use it as inspiration and add your own creativity and personality to it. This will help make your video unique and prevent YouTube from flagging your video for duplicate content.

Use AI To Generate YouTube Thumbnail Ideas

Your thumbnail is the first thing viewers see when they discover your video in the search engines, on or in suggested videos. Let’s ask chatGPT for YouTube thumbnail ideas. “Give me 10 ideas for a YouTube thumbnail that’s titled Maximize Your Time With These Quick and Effective HIIT Workouts.”  The first suggestion says “a picture of a person looking at their watch with a caption that reads Maximize your Time.”

I like suggestion number six that says “a picture of a person checking their phone with a caption that reads efficient workouts for the time strapped.” though I’d probably use less words in the thumbnail. The beauty of using this thumbnail idea generator is that it reduces the time to come up with ideas for future thumbnails. It stimulates my inspiration and creativity. 

Later on,  I’ll also discuss the limitations of using chaGPT and my recommendations on how to use it.

Use AI To Write A Video Description

The first few lines of your video description helps your video get discovered in the search engines. Plus, it’s what viewers can read while they’re watching the video. Ideally, you want to include your main keywords in the video description, but sometimes it’s hard coming up with a creative description for  your YouTube video. Let’s see if the AI can help us…  Write 3 paragraphs for a YouTube video titled, “Maximize Your Time with These Quick and Effective HIIT Workouts“. Here are the paragraphs ChatGPT produced.

You can also use chatGPT for generating captions, subtitles, or coming up with a creative reply with YouTube comments. It’s only limited by your imagination.

Limitations Of Using ChatGPT

Keep in mind that chatGPT is trained to provide answers that feel right to humans, but doesn’t always provide the correct information.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is to utilize the AI to speed up the video making process by using it to stimulate your creativity and inspiration. It’s another free tool you can use in your arsenal to make better videos.

If you’re currently have videos on your channel that no longer attract views, watch this video titled, “What If you could immediately Boost Views on YouTube in 2023”  

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11 Trending Youtube Marketing Ideas for 2023

YouTube has still retained its long-held title of being the second most visited website on the internet, following in the footsteps of its parent company Google.

694,000 hours of video per minute videos are watched on YouTube, which is much higher than the time spent on Netflix.

Mobile users are viewing 4.63 pages per visit using the YouTube app compared to just 2.84 pages per desktop. Every week, 92% of users watch online videos of some kind.

After considering the above stats and facts, YouTube certainly dominates the video streaming space. It’s an effective marketing tool which is used by almost every industry to promote business or service.

Here we will learn some fundamental and imperative YouTube marketing techniques that will help you attract more leads, increase the organic traffic on your website, and eventually grow your sales and ROI

11 YouTube Marketing Tips for 2023

Here are some of the highly trending YouTube marketing strategies which can be utilized in 2023:

1. Assess The Needs Of Your Audience

This is the first step, which will help you analyze who to make the video and what to include in your videos.

You must study data and monitor YouTube analytics to estimate what kind of audience you should frame a video for and their pain areas or preferences.

Make sure your video-making strategy revolves around the demands of the people and trends that are viral on YouTube

2. Analyze The Type Of Video You Want To Make

Now that you know who your audience is and what they expect from your brand, you must consider the kind of video you want to create and upload. Here are some ideas:

  • You can create YouTube videos in the form of live streams to interact with your audience one-to-one
  • You can make product/service-related videos like unboxing videos, QnA about product usage, product explainers, FAQs on the technicality of a product, etc., to highlight what you are selling
  • Tell your audience about your company, brand, employees, and leadership through videos. Make a behind-the-scenes video or a direct interaction with the management and circulate it on YouTube.
  • Make videos on consumer reviews and testimonials and share their wonderful experiences online with your target audience.
  • You should know the best time of day for your audience to be online so you can post your videos regularly and consistently without long breaks.

3. Get Inspired By Existing YouTube Champions

There is no harm in taking inspiration or learning from successful YouTubers who are following the right strategies to get there.

It is not about copying their style, trend, or content but giving a new outlook to the same message, which could be more enterprising and entertaining for your target audience.

Just follow trends, study the channels of top performers and YouTube and see what they offer that gets them to the top of rankings and create youtube videos accordingly.

4. Analyze Your Competitors

A simple trick to growing faster on YouTube is to find out what your competitors are doing. You must check out the kind of videos they are uploading, their upload frequency, audience feedback, and video quality.

The idea is not to replicate or get inspired by your competitors’ actions but to analyze what they are missing out on. Your audience will quickly switch platforms when they find out that you have something new and unique to offer them.

So, assess the gap and bridge it with the help of an online youtube video editor, where you can edit your videos accordingly and draw your target audience to your own videos.

5. Don’t Miss Out On SEO Optimization

It is very important to rank your website high on SERPs. The purpose is to outshine your competitors and be available as one of the top options when your audience is searching for related keywords.

Optimize your videos to get your websites to rank better!

  • Do your keyword research intensively – identify the words/phrases people are searching for the most.
  • Add keywords to titles, video descriptions, and video tags.
  • Use timestamps and subtitles to help your users
  • Add effective CTA and update your video descriptions with links to your website, links to other social accounts, products/services, etc.
  • Create Attractive Thumbnails, as they play an important role in attracting users to your videos

6. Edit Your Videos Professionally

Posting properly edited videos on YouTube will get you the response you are looking for.

There are many online video editors that allow you to edit your YouTube videos directly on the web. With the use of an online YouTube video editor you can easily edit your videos. These editors usually offer a range of features to help you create professional-quality videos.

  • Trimming and cutting: You can use these tools to remove unwanted sections of your video and rearrange the order of your clips.
  • Splitting and merging: You can split a long video into shorter segments, or merge multiple shorter videos into a single longer one.
  • Adding transitions: You can add smooth transitions between your video clips to make your video look more polished and professional.
  • Adding text and captions: You can add text overlays to your video to provide additional information or to highlight important points.
  • Adding music and sound effects: Many online video editors allow you to add music or sound effects to your video to enhance its overall impact.
  • Adjusting the audio: You can adjust the volume of your audio tracks, as well as apply effects such as fade in/out or echo.
  • Applying filters and effects: You can add filters and effects to your video to give it a unique look and feel.
  • Exporting and sharing: Most online video editors allow you to export your edited video in a variety of formats, so you can easily share it on YouTube or other social media platforms.

7. Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are a massive hit, with over 30 billion views per month. Inaugurated in September 2020, YouTube shorts compete with Instagram Reels and TikTok and features short videos ranging between 15 seconds to 1 minute.

YouTube shorts are used by marketers and users to reach a wider audience. The best feature about uploading your short brand videos on YouTube shorts is that they remain forever, whereas your Reels get deleted after 24 hours by default.

8. Expand Your Reach With YouTube Ads

YouTube lets you choose the types of ads and charges accordingly. 70% of YouTube viewers have seen an ad and bought something.

As a business, you must invest in YouTube ads that can help visitors learn about your niche. Some of the popular YouTube ad options are:

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Video Discovery Ads
  • Non-video ads which are displayed as posters or overlays

9. Use Influencer Marketing On YouTube

Influencers are YouTubers with large subscriber bases. Influencer marketing is when you collaborate with influencers who can promote your products and services to their subscribers through their channels and videos.

Influencer marketing is a great marketing option, especially if their intent matches your brand and values. It is easier for your target audience to relate to a celebrity or an influencer and believe them when they are promoting your services

10. Go Omnichannel

You don’t have to stick to YouTube videos when you can post videos on any channel and grab your audience’s attention in multiple digital marketing arenas.

Easily publish your YouTube videos to your website, blog content, email campaigns, messenger chats, and social media channels.

Add YouTube videos to your SlideShare presentations, embed them in Facebook and Instagram stories, and upload reels, feeds, and IGTV.

11. Analyze And Improvise

It is extremely important to test, analyze, and improvise. YouTube analytics offers various performance measuring techniques that can help you with stats on what kind of content is working for your business and what is not.

This is an integral part of your marketing strategy, using which you can monitor your channel’s performance and the demands or expectations of your audience.

You can know your top videos for a specific period, channel/video impressions, CTR, etc.


YouTube marketing, today, is used in every industry and by almost every business that is into digital marketing strategies.

The power of video marketing, using YouTube, cannot be ignored by modern businesses.

It is an extremely essential tool that optimizes your website on Google and other search engines, increases the number of leads, and enhances the chances of maximum conversions.

So, apply all the above YouTube marketing strategies and see the change in your sales and ROI in 2023

Get More Views on Your YouTube Shorts with a Custom Thumbnail

This shorts video currently ranks number one on Google search out of 113 million results, and shows a large thumbnail at the top of the search results.

It’s my top traffic source out of all the other traffic sources, but YouTube says “for now, you can’t change the thumbnail on YouTube short.” When viewed on YouTube, YouTube just selects a vertical frame taken from your shorts video.

What’s the workaround?

In the video below, I’m going to show you 2 ways to upload or change a custom thumbnail for YouTube shorts so you can get more views.

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Here’s how to upload or change a custom thumbnail for your shorts video
using the free Chrome extension VidIQ

Here’s my shorts video titled YouTube Shorts Tips, which currently has a vertical thumbnail, but I want to change that to a custom thumbnail.

  • On the video details page, it says, “for now, you can’t change the thumbnail on your short”
  • If you have the VidIQ Chrome extension installed, you’ll see beside the thumbnail, “create thumbnail.” So click on that.
  • Click on “other image” T
  • Here’s drop file here, or click to browse the files. So you’re going to “click to browse files“,
  • Click on shorts tips,
  • Click open,
  • Now I’ve got my custom thumbnail called shorts tips.
  • Click Next.
  • You could create your own custom thumbnail just using this thumbnail editor, but I’ve already created my custom thumbnail, so I’m just going to click next.  
  • And I’ve got YouTube search, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Select YouTube search. 
  • Save thumbnail.
  • Now I’m going to refresh the page. 
  • Click Reload.
  • And here’s my new custom thumbnail that I uploaded for my YouTube shorts.

Here’s how to upload or change a custom thumbnail for YouTube shorts
using the free Chrome extension TubeBuddy

Here’s another Shorts video titled YouTube Tips that doesn’t have a custom thumbnail.

  • If you have the TubeBuddy Chrome extension installed, you’ll see this
    TubeBuddy icon under the Shorts thumbnail.
  • Click on the dropdown.
  • It says TubeBuddy tools.
  • Click on Thumbnail Generator.
  • It says, what type of background would you like for the thumbnail? 
  • Select a still frame from the video, choose a solid color or image, or existing thumbnail.
  • So I have an existing thumbnail so I’m going to click on that.
  • I can choose from any of these suggestions from TubeBuddy,
    or I can click to upload your own image.
  • So I’m going to click on that.
  • Select shorts tips.
  • Click open.
  • Here it  is.
  • Click continue.
  • The great benefit of using TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator is that it shows your custom thumbnail here at the top,  then all your competitors’ thumbnails below. 
  • Click Save and publish.
  • Are you sure you want to publish this thumbnail?
  • Click OK.
  • It says, please reload this page to see your changes.
  • Click reload.
  • And now you can see I’ve got the custom thumbnail uploaded for my shorts video.

Keep in mind that when you upload a custom thumbnail for YouTube shorts, it only appears in Google search, whereas on YouTube, it selects a vertical frame from your shorts video.

As you can see, when you view shorts on the short shelf from your mobile phone, it shows a preview of the shorts video, so your custom thumbnail won’t appear there but it will show a vertical frame

It also automatically shifts to the next Shorts video for you to watch. This means that the first few seconds of your Shorts video really counts if you want to get a good preview on your Shorts video for people scrolling their mobile phones. 

Recently, YouTube enabled Android users to choose a frame from their Shorts video to use as a custom thumbnail. Keep in mind, this is a vertical thumbnail that’s selected from one of the frames on the Shorts video, and it’ll be seen on YouTube as well as on mobile phones. It won’t be the same as the custom thumbnail that I created for you today.

Here’s what YouTube says about vertical videos.with 16:9 custom thumbnails.

“Vertical videos with 16:9 custom thumbnails will be replaced by an auto generated 4:5 thumbnail on the home, explore and subscription pages. Your custom thumbnail will still appear on the watch feed, watch history, and non-mobile platforms.”

If you want to grow your channel fast using YouTube shorts, watch this video for 10 Killer Ways to grow YouTube channel using YouTube shorts.

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How To Use The YouTube Shorts Editor (MAKE SHORTS ON PHONE)

I made this Shorts video while I was out and about using the video editing tools from the Shorts camera app on my phone.

In the video below I’ll show you how to make a Shorts video right from your phone using the video editing tools from the YouTube Shorts camera app.

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Let’s get on my phone to show you the shorts video editing tools from the YouTube app.

  • Tap the YouTube app
  • Tap the plus Sign
  • Tap Create a short.
  • Make your first frame count.
  • You only have a couple of seconds to grab your viewer’s attention when they’re scrolling the shorts feed on their phones.
  • Tap the red button to create a short.
  • Hello there. I’m now recording a short. 
  • Tap the red button again to stop recording.
  • If you want to expand the short from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, then tap the 15.
  • Now you’ve got 60 seconds.
  • If you made a mistake, you can actually redo it by tapping on the undo.
  • If you want to redo it, just tap redo.
  • If you want to add a video from your camera roll, just tap the picture to the left.
  • So I could choose one of these vertical videos.
  • I can edit it by just move my finger from the right to the left or left to right.
  • If want to undo that, just tap undo.
  • This means you can pre-record multiple video clips that you can add to your camera roll then include them in your short,  when editing your shorts video. 
  • To look at the video editing tools, just tap the arrow at the bottom.
  • I can flip it so I can view my computer screen that I’m recording right now.
  • If I tap this icon, then I can choose all these different effects.
  • If I tap speed, then I can speed up my video 0.3 x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x.

You can now film hands free by tapping the timer button. So drag to change where the recording stops So I could start it at a certain time like this. Now I’m recording another portion of my video. If I want to go back and add another piece just tap this icon there.

Let’s check the rest of the tools.

So I can do a green screen. I could choose from one of these images. You can select any video or photo from a camera roll to use as a background for you short. Then I’ll select maybe this one here as my green screen. 

Looks pretty good.

Tap done. And then I’ll tap on the arrow again.

So if I want to retouch my images, I can choose filters. So I can choose any of these filters that are down below here.

Tap the align tool to make a perfect transition between two segments.

Here’s how to do it.

  • If you want to hit that perfect transition between two segments, use align.
  • To use it you’ll need to record a segment first.
  • Then,  change up your background or throw a new look.
  • And from within the camera, press align on the right hand side, which will show a transparent view of your last frame.
  • This lets you line up your next shot with your previous shot.
  • It’s that simple.
  • When you’re happy with the result, press next in the top right and watch it come to life

If you want to adjust the lighting of your video, tap lighting.

If I tap trim, then I could actually trim my video if I wanted to. So I tap the thumbnail to edit it and then I can close the video editing tools.

Okay, so I tapped the check mark.  

I can add sound.
Now you can add up the 60 seconds of sound using the audio library from YouTube, which is free to use. So I can choose unstoppable.

I can also add text.
I can move this text around if I want.

I can also do a voiceover. 
Tap to hold to record a audio. Hey, this is a new video that I’m  going to make right now.
Tap again.

And then I can also do a timeline so I can choose where I want my text to be. You can use this feature to trigger different messages at different times in your shorts video, so I can choose it at the beginning.

I can add some more towards the end, etcetera. Tap done, and then a tap next. And here I can just add a title to my video.

I can check the visibility, so it could be, public, unlisted, private. I suggest making it unlisted initially so you can check if there’s any mistakes.

After you’ve optimized your Shorts video, just switch it to public.

If you want to schedule it, just tap schedule. Then you can select the day…time. Tap back again.

No It’s not made for kids. Yes, it’s made for kids. So select It’s not made for kids. You can save it as a draft by tapping save draft, or you can upload as a short by tapping, upload short and that’s all there is to it.

If you want to know how to upload shorts from your pc, watch this video how to upload shorts from your pc, which is updated for 2023

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How To Upload YouTube Shorts From PC (UPDATED FOR 2023)

Last weekend, I was trail riding along the Anacostia River in Washington DC and wanted to capture the beautiful views by making a Shorts video.

In this video, you’ll learn how to film a Shorts video using different cameras, how to upload and optimize your Shorts video, and how to publish and promote it to get more views.

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How To Film Your Shorts Video

If you’re filming with your phone, make sure you’re holding it in the vertical position. If I’m filming a short with my GoPro camera, I move it to the vertical position. If I’m filming with my Canon M50, I’ll adjust it to the vertical position.

How To Import Your Shorts Video

Now, you can import your Shorts video onto your vertical document using your video editing software. I use ScreenFlow for the Mac. Later, I’ll show you how viewers will find your Shorts videos so stay tuned.

When you import your Shorts video into your video editing software, Make sure your document is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high. Keep in mind, your shorts video has to be under 60 seconds in length, otherwise, it won’t appear as a shorts video on YouTube.

How To Export Your Shorts Video

When you export your Shorts video, make sure you export it using the same dimensions as you created it with. I use the vertical dimensions of 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high.

How To Optimize Your Shorts Video

There are two important things to keep in mind when optimizing Shorts video for YouTube, the title and the hook.

The title is what viewers see first when s scrolling their phones, and the hook
is what viewers see when they hover over your video.

How To Upload Your Shorts Video

  • Log in to your YouTube channel.
  • Click the create link at the top.
  • Click upload videos,
  • Click select files, or drag and drop a file to upload.
  • So I’m going to drag this file, “How to increase Watch time on YouTube in 30 seconds.”
  • Now it’s uploading.
  • Okay, I’ve got my title in there ready, because that’s what I named the file.
  • Add a short description.
  • Make sure you include the hashtag shorts in the description or the title.
  • Here’s the thumbnail frame that YouTube chooses from your video to add to the short shelf.
  • You can upload a custom thumbnail, but keep in mind your custom thumbnail will only appear in Google search, but won’t appear when people are scrolling shorts videos on their phones.
  • Under audience, select No, it’s not Made for Kids,
  • No age restriction.
  • Click next.
  • I’m not going to add an end screen or a card.
  • Click next.
  • Under visibility, you can choose private, unlisted, or public.
  • For the sake of this demonstration, I’m going to choose unlisted.
  • If you want to make it public, choose public, or you could schedule it,
  • Click save.

Keep mind the red Subscribe button appears at the end of your Shorts video, so you could remind people to subscribe at the end of your video.

Now that you’re finished uploading and optimizing your shorts video, you’re ready to publish and promote it.

How To Publish and Promote Your Shorts Video

If you’ve uploaded your Shorts video as unlisted, change the visibility setting to public so everyone can watch it. Now, you can share it on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etcetera or you can just grab the link.

Click close.

If you want to promote your Shorts video on the YouTube app, tap the share button,
then select one of the social media sites.

How to add a Shorts section to your YouTube channel homepage

The main benefit is so first time viewers to your channel can see your shorts.

  • Simply click on customization in YouTube studio
  • Click on “add section”.
  • Select short videos.
  • It says “This section will appear after a short video has been uploaded.” Here’s the shorts section that has been added to my main channel. Here are all the shorts videos that are being added to my YouTube channel homepage. Adding a short section will also help your Shorts videos to be discovered on the short shelf on the YouTube mobile app.

How Will Viewers Find My Shorts Videos?

Viewers can find your shorts videos in a number of ways.

  • You can tap on the shorts icon on the YouTube app then scroll through the different shorts.
  • If you go to the YouTube app on your mobile phone, then scroll down, you’ll be able to see the shorts section on the YouTube app.
  • You can view shorts on YouTube’s homepage at
  • They can be featured on your channel homepage, which I showed you earlier.
  • They also appear in your notifications and when checking your subscriptions.
  • Recently, YouTube added a shorts tab to the YouTube channel homepage,
    so videos and shorts are separated.
  • You’ll also see a separate tab for shorts under content and YouTube analytics.

From 2023 onwards you can also watch shorts on your smart TVs, gaming consoles
and streaming devices.

What if you want to make a Shorts video on your phone using the YouTube Shorts camera app?
Watch this video “How to make a 60 second Shorts video on your phone.”

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I Got The Community Tab Without 500 Subs

How can this dormant channel of only 22 subscribers get access to the community tab when YouTube says you need 500 subscribers?

Stay tuned if you currently have a channel without 500 subscribers so you can get access to the community tab and make a deeper connection with your viewers.

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I polled my subscribers by asking them, do you have access to the community tab If your channel is under 500 subscribers?

70% said yes.
SUP Chick only has 316 subscribers.
Alhapra only has 330 subscribers.
The lady in Espresso only has 342 subscribers
Jito1 one only has 34 subscribers.

What’s going on?

Let’s take a look at the alternative requirements to get access to the community tab without 500 subscribers. YouTube says, for the community tab to be available, you need 500 subscribers or enable access to advanced features on your channel.

Here’s a chart showing the features available for standard, intermediate and advanced options.

As you can see, under advanced options you get access to the community posts. add a clickable external link to description. You can apply for monetization so long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Embed live streams and content Id appeal.

With the intermediate option you can make longer videos, live stream on desktop and upload custom thumbnails. For the standard option, like when you first get started on YouTube, you can upload videos with a limited daily limit if you have no verification and create playlists.

Keep in mind, you need to enable advanced features to enable community posts.

Let’s go to my small channel of 22 subscribers to enable advanced features,
– Click on settings in YouTube studio.
– Click on channel.
– Click on feature eligibility.
As you can see, standard features have been enabled. I’ve got video uploads, playlist creation, add collaborators to playlists, add new videos to existing playlists, and my channel is free of active community guideline strikes.

Now, that’s done.

Intermediate features have also been enabled, which means that I’ve verified my phone number so I can upload videos longer than 15 minutes, Upload custom thumbnails and do live streaming.

So that’s done.

Now it shows I’m eligible for advanced features, but it hasn’t been enabled.
– So if I click, the dropdown says I’ll be able to create more live streams daily, upload more videos daily, create more shorts, daily. Embed live streams, have external links in the video descriptions, appeal content ID claims, and eligible to apply for monetization.
– Monetization has an asterisk next to it, which means that it needs additional requirements.

As I mentioned previously, if you enable advanced features, you get access to the community tab.

Under requirements, it says, to get advanced features you need intermediate features enabled, which I’ve done, and just one of these.

  • I can do video verification, which means I simply look at your phone’s camera, follow the prompts, look up and down to get quick access to advanced features.

After two months of channel activity and following our community guidelines, you’ll establish channel history and we’ll automatically delete your video.

  • Valid ID. Take a photo of your valid id, like a passport or driver’s license to get quick access to advanced features
  • Channel history. Keep growing your channel and following our community guidelines to build your channel history. For most creators, this usually takes up to two months. If you used your ID or video verification to access advanced features we’ll delete it from your Google account.

Keep in mind your channel may have got automatic access to the community tab if you’ve accumulated enough channel history, even if it’s under 500 subscribers. If so, you’ll see a notification inside YouTube studio.

So which one of these three options is the easiest?

Click access features. It says, choose how to access advanced features. This one time verification gets you the features to take your channel to the next level and helps us to keep the YouTube community safer for everyone.

Video verification, approval time. usually up to one day. Use your valid id…approval time up to one day, Build channel history… approval time usually takes up to two months. I’m going to use the first option, use video verification because that seems to be the easiest.

Approval time is only one day, and we’ll help you create a 30 second video of yourself looking into your phone’s camera. Alternatively, I could use my phone to take a photo of the government issued ID like a passport or driver’s license. I select video verification.

  • Click next.
  • Get email to start verification on your phone.
  • Google is sending the verification link to my email address.
  • Open on your phone and start your verification using your phone’s camera.
  • We sent you an email.
  • Check your email for verification link.
  • Tap on gmail.
  • Use video verification to get advanced YouTube features.
  • A one time video verification will give you access to advanced YouTube features.
  • We’ll help you create a 30 second video of yourself looking into your phone’s camera.
  • For a successful video, we recommend recording and in a well lit, (which I have) location with a wifi connection, which I have.
  • Tap start verification.
  • Use my Google account.
  • Tap next.
  • Gotta enter my password.
  • Face id.
  • Now I’ve gotta do two step verification.
  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Okay, it says, open the YouTube app on your phone and tap yes to verify it’s you.
  • Open the YouTube app. Yes, it’s me.
  • Agree to video verification.
  • Tap the check mark.
  • Allow Google to use your video to help develop and improve It’s face matching.
  • Tap. I agree.
  • Hold your phone at eye level in front of your face.
  • Make sure nothing covers your eyes, nose, or mouth, such as sunglasses, fabric, or a hat. I guess I got to take my hat off.
  • Tap. Next.
  • Follow your dot with my eyes
  • Uploading your video.
  • Thanks for submitting your video verification.

Google now needs to review your video. Usually it takes up to 24 hours. Once your video verification is approved, you’ll immediately able to use advanced YouTube features.

You can check the status of your request or delete your video in your Google account. If you delete your video, you won’t be able to use advanced features. You need to build your YouTube channel history or try ID to video verification again to get access to its features.

All I have to do now is wait 24 hours for Google to review my video.

What if your video verification was denied?

If your video verification was denied, you’ll receive this email…”your video verification was unsuccessful. You have one more opportunity to try again now to get advanced YouTube features.”

Verification by phone

So I could record a video again or take a photo of my id. This time I’m gonna take a photo of my id. So I’m gonna click get email to start verification on your phone.

YouTube says we sent you an email, so I’m gonna check it out.

Here’s an email. Herman, use your ID for YouTube features. A one time ID verification will give you access to advanced YouTube features. This extra step helps limit spammers and maintain a safer community for everyone. We’ll  help you submit a photo of your id.

  • Start verification.
  • Confirm your date of birth,
  • use your phones camera,
  • take a photo of your id.
  • Your ID must clearly show your date of birth. 
  • Tap next.
  • Tap, allow. 
  • Tap, submit.
  • It says your ID is in review.
  • Thanks for submitting your id. Google now needs to review.

Your ID may take up to 24 hours. Once your ID is approved, you’ll immediately be able to use advanced YouTube features. All right, that’s what I want. You can check the status of your request or delete your ID in your Google account.

When I go to this address and look under identity document, I see that my ID has been verified. If you delete your id, you won’t be able to use Advanced YouTube features.

You need to build a YouTube channel history or try ID or video verification again, to get access to these features.

I’m gonna check back in 24 hours to see if I have access to the community tab for my small channel of 22 subscribers.

When I checked the feature eligibility status in YouTube Studio. It says that my ID
verification is still under review.

What’s going on? 

I checked back the next day and it says, advanced features have been enabled. When I checked with YouTube, they said it would take up to week to get the Community tab feature. You’ll see the community tab added to the top of the YouTube channel homepage.

Team YouTube on Twitter says, “we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to know when you’ll get access to the community tab,  over the next several weeks channels with access to advanced features will begin to have access to the community tab.

Here’s a link to the help article.

Keep in mind, it can take up to a week to see the community tab after reaching 500 subscribers on your channel, or it can take 48 hours after you’ve gained access to the advanced features.

If you want to know how to post a poll, image or video on your community tab, watch this video on the screen right now on how to make community posts on YouTube desktop or mobile.

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