Advanced Link Building Strategies – Chamber of Commerce Membership

Most link building strategies are attained online, however offline techniques will enable you to acquire visitors that don’t normally spend all their time online.

Top 7 Benefits of a Chamber of Commerce Membership

1. Added exposure

Small businesses often join the chamber of commerce to create friendships and alliances. Business owners usually prefer to purchase from Chamber Members before venturing elsewhere.

2. Chamber logo or plaque

Display the chamber membership plaque and/or use the Chamber logo in advertising and promoting your business. These are symbols of professionalism, credibility and commitment that builds your reputation in the community.

3. Networking opportunities

The Chamber often schedules meetings, breakfasts, and events (ie Business Expo) in the community which helps network your business to other professionals.

4. Listed in Chamber Directory

Get your web site address and description listed in the Chambers Directory. Members of your community prefer to first visit directory because it’s a trusted and professional resource.

If the directory attracts lots of visitors from within your community your web site will also benefit from the extra traffic. Local residents tend to do business with those that are local because they can easily contact or meet you and it keeps the money in the community.

5. Discounted rates

Chamber membership entitles you to receive member to member discounts plus reduced rates for mailing labels, seminars, forums and workshops.

6. Get advice

Sometimes you need expert advice for running a profitable business. Many Chamber members have been running their business for decades. They will only be too happy to share their expertise with you.

7. Get customer referrals

Referrals from the Chambers staff and business owners can be the life blood of your business. If you build close relationships with other chamber members you will gain referrals on a continuous basis.

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