Autoresponder Strategies – Top 7 Ways to Increase Sales

An autoresponder is one of the most underused tools for online business owners. This is probably due to people not knowing what an autoresponder is or how to use it to benefit their business. Most sales are not made on first contact but are generated by following up on your customer through up-selling, cross-selling or sending reminders.

It often takes 7 to 10 follow-up e-mail messages before a customer trusts you enough to purchase your product. Autoresponder software enables you to do this automatically by sending out a series of e-mails at different intervals.

Top 7 autoresponder strategies to increase sales

1. Sell products

Instead of sending prospects directly in your sales letter, send them to an opt in squeeze page that gathers their contact information. Follow-up with your customers by sending a series of e-mails that provides more in-depth information about the product you wish to sell. This helps remove the barriers which prevent them from purchasing a product because now they have received more in-depth information. This is based upon the principle of give-and-take. First you need to give valuable information before you ask them to purchase your product. This strategy will generate more sales than if you sent your prospects directly to your sales page.

2. Build a large list

Building a large list of subscribers is very important for establishing a successful online business. For instance, whenever you have a new product to sell simply introduce it to subscribers on the list to generate instant sales. Don’t always rely on the search engine’s to generate sales because they may change their ranking formulas which may result in lowering your rankings.

Autoresponder software enables you to store all contacts in a database so you can send product recommendations immediately or over several days or weeks. The software also tracks how many visitors opened the e-mails so you can monitor your success.

3. Reply to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Whatever product you’re selling there are always frequent asked questions. Instead of answering them one by one manually by e-mail, create a list of them and load them up into your autoresponder. Whenever someone asks one of these questions they automatically receive your list of FAQs. This will save you a ton of time.

4. Deliver an e-course

An autoresponder enables you to deliver your equals automatically. Your emails could be a series of articles, videos, podcasts or even a slideshow. For example set up your autoresponder to deliver a new course each week for 10 weeks. By customers paying for this e-course you generate sales automatically even while you’re sleeping.

5. Article marketing

Write a series of articles and submit them to the top article directories. At the bottom of the article you are allowed to promote your product. Instead of sending them straight to your sales page, send them to a landing page where they can opt in to receive all content. Every 2 or 3 days send them a new article by autoresponder and include links to your product sales page. Providing more in-depth content will help sell your products.

6. Blog post marketing

Use your blog archives to create a series of follow-up messages in your autoresponder. Whenever you have a blog post related to your autoresponder sequence redirect your visitors to this sequence at the bottom of your post. The follow-up messages will continue to remind them about the product you’re selling.

7. Create multiple autoresponders to sell multiple products

Don’t stop with one autoresponder sequence. Before you’ve delivered your last follow-up message, invite your prospect to sign up for another autoresponder sequence containing related tips. Introduce a related product. Create multiple autoresponders to sell more of your products.

Now you have a business that runs on autopilot leaving you more time to spend with your family and friends.

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