Autoresponder Success – 5 Ways To Achieve Success With Autoresponders

Beginning business owners have been told they need an autoresponder to be successful so they start paying monthly fees for a professional service. The biggest problem is they were not told the most effective ways to use autoresponders to achieve success in their business.

5 ways to achieve autoresponder success

1. Location of sign-up form

The best location for your sign-up form is the top right or left of your landing page. This is because only the top half of the page is displayed on your visitor’s computer screen. Avoid placing your sign-up form at the bottom of your page where it will be out of sight.

2. Use double opt in

This means your visitor must confirm their e-mail address after submitting the opt-in form. After confirming they receive an e-mail saying they successfully subscribed and automatically are redirected to the download page (if they signed up for a free report). A single opt in form can easily be abused because anyone can use a fake e-mail address or spam robots can spam your form. You won’t know if your e-mail list consists of real people if fake e-mail addresses are included. A double opt in form prevents you from receiving spam e-mails and helps build a high-quality list.

3. Number of follow-up e-mails

Many marketers make the mistake of not creating enough follow-up e-mails. You need to send at least 7 e-mails to follow-up on your customers so they’ll trust you enough to purchase your product. The longer your e-mail sequence is the more chances you have of generating a sale. For instance a prospect may only purchase your product one year from now because they need it at that time. If you hadn’t stayed in touch with them you’d have lost the sale.

4. Create quality content

Avoid just pitching your products in your follow-up e-mail messages. It will turn off your prospects and they’ll quickly unsubscribe. If your content answers customers’ major problems they’ll look forward to receiving your next e-mail. Make sure you include valuable content they can use right away.

Your first message should immediately thank your visitor for subscribing and outline what they’ll receive in subsequent e-mails. End each follow-up message by describing what to expect in their next e-mail.

Always include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-mail so they can opt out if needed.

5. Segment your lists

Don’t place prospects and customers on the same list. After a prospect has purchased from you move them to your customer list. You don’t want your customers to keep receiving the same e-mails as your prospects asking them to purchase a product they’ve already bought. By moving them to a separate list you can follow-up with new content and sell related products. People who’ve already bought from you tend to buy again.

If you implement these 5 strategies it will place you on the correct path to autoresponder success.

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  1. That is a good point of telling the subscribers what to be looking for in the next email.

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