Blue Snowball Microphone Review: Top 7 Benefits

  • Do you currently use a cheap microphone to create your podcasts or video slideshows?
  • Are you fed up with with the low quality sound it generates?
  • Do you want to dramatically improve your audio with a professional microphone?

For many years I’ve been using an inexpensive Logitech USB Desktop Microphone from Office Depot to record my voice when creating slideshows or doing voiceovers for my clients. The biggest problem was that they didn’t sound professional and often had to pay someone to create them. After extensive research I finally decided to purchase the Blue Snowball Microphone.

Top 7 Benefits and Features of the Blue Snowball Microphone

1. Instant set-up

All you have to do is plug the USB cord into the back of your computer whether it is a Mac or PC and it’s ready to go. There’s no need to install drivers, software or a different sound card.

2. Great quality sound

Even though there are no bass or treble controls it produces studio quality sound which is ideal for creating podcasts or screencasts. If you hold the mic close to your mouth you’ll get that deep rich sound that you often hear in radio broadcasters.

3. Sonic flexibility

The beauty of the Snowbball is that it has 3 sound controls. One control is for recording a single voice or instrument and the other two controls are for omnidirectional recording which records sounds from all directions such as when recording a musical band. You can use the mode switch on the back of the microphone to suit your recording needs.

4. Stylish design

The blue Snowball mic has the same shape and size as a softball which was the intention of the original designer. My mic is white with a stylish silver logo on the front that says “Blue” The ball attaches to an adjustable 3-legged tripod that helps make it sit sturdily on top of my desk. The swivel mount enables you to move the mic in any direction.

5. Portability

Because you only need a USB capable device to use the mic it gives you the flexibility to take it anywhere. For example when one of my friends wanted to record audio for his video I simply unplugged the mic my own computer then plugged it into his desktop computer and he was ready to record.

6. Inexpensive

For $62.66 on Amazon (last time I checked) this mic is a steal for what you get. Even though you could buy a cheaper microphone from one of the large office stores this one will serve all your recording needs for years to come.

7. Multiple uses

I primarily use this microphone for voiceovers when creating videos for my clients however I also use it for recording how-to screen presentations. The deep, rich sound is a huge improvement from previous mics I’ve used in the past.

My latest use of this microphone was for making a Skype call to my relatives in New Zealand. Family members sat around my laptop with the Snowball mic plugged into the USB port. The omnidirectional setting did a great job of picking up all our voices.


As you can probably tell, I’m very happy with my purchase however there are some additional features which would make it even better.

For example it would be handy if it were small enough to clip onto your clothes so you could walk around while recording.

Another cool feature to have would be an iPhone adapter so I could use it to record sound for iPhone videos instead of using a different external microphone.

Watch my Blue Snowball Microphone Review On YouTube

If you want to upgrade the sound of your videos or podcasts consider purchasing the Blue Snowball Microphone. It is definitely worth the small investment. It’s sturdy construction and stylish design will be a nice addition to your office desk.


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