Free Web Hosting Guide: 33 Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know!

web hosting guide

Many website owners often make the mistake of deciding too quickly which company to host their website with. They don’t do their homework beforehand and pay the price later. This means they’ll have to find an alternative web host then transfer their files, databases, etc to the new one. No one wants to endure this kind of frustration as it takes the focus away from building your business.

This free web hosting guide will save you a ton of time and money when selecting a company to host or transfer your website. Here are the most important points to consider before laying out your cash:


1. What are the goals of your website?
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Effective Hosting Solutions for Web Professionals

Web developers and web designers work on web servers almost every day. Because of this, it is easier if the server environment is predictable. For that reason it’s often best for web designers and developers to offer web hosting solutions as part of the development package. This means that the web designer or web developer is purchasing the hosting and reselling it to the client.

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Move Joomla to Root of Same Server: How to Transfer a Joomla Site to a Different Directory

When developing a a Joomla website for a client I usually build it in the sub directory of the old domain (ie When the site is completed I move it to the root of the domain (ie Since many site owners and/or developers think this is complicated process I’ve outlined the steps below so you can do it yourself.

Steps to Move Joomla to Root of Same Server

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How to test your website on another server without changing the DNS

How to test your website on another server

Can you test your website on another server without changing the DNS (domain name servers)?
Can you test your website by creating a fake DNS IP?

Recently a client asked if I could move his website to my servers to test if all the files (databases, scripts, contact forms) would function correctly before changing the DNS for his domain.

Explanation of hosts file

According to Wikipedia “The hosts file is a computer file used in an operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses….the hosts file is a plain-text file and is traditionally named hosts.”

How to find the hosts file on your computer

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How to Transfer a Domain Name to Another Web Host

Are you unhappy with your current web host?
What are the steps to transfer your domain name to another web host?
Will your site be offline during the transfer?

Many website owners delay transferring their domain names because they don’t know how to do it, think it will be too complicated or will result in their site disappearing or being offline for some time.

Before transferring your domain name..think about these 2 points:

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Top 7 Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

Web Hosting Mistakes

Website owners make a lot of mistakes when choosing a web hosting company. It can be very frustrating if your website is not always online, is slow loading and you don’t receive fast, efficient and knowledgeable technical support. Before choosing a host read through these common mistakes to avoid any future pitfalls.

1. Unlimited space and bandwidth

Web hosting companies often promote this benefit because many websites only need a small amount of space and bandwidth whereas only a few require a large amount. A problem arises when you suddenly need to increase the disk space and bandwidth for your website as it may overload the server. This will cause your website to go off-line as there are too many sites stacked up on the server. You also may be asked to pay additional fees. Avoid Web hosting companies that offer unlimited space and bandwidth.

2. Slow or inefficient technical support

There many technical aspects to hosting a website. Most website owners are not familiar with all the technical knowledge required to run a hosting company. Often you need help setting up your account, installing scripts, databases, creating e-mail accounts, etc. Before selecting a web host check the response times by sending an e-mail or calling them by phone. If they don’t respond immediately or within 24 hours, search for a more reliable one.

3. Server uptime

If your server goes down your website will not be available to the public. Ask your hosting company what is the uptime of their servers. The server should be online at least 99% of the time. 1% downtime is to allow for server upgrades which are done periodically.

4. Slow servers

Search engines now include website loading times as one of the factors for ranking websites. If your website loads slowly it may not receive high rankings. It should load within a few seconds otherwise visitors become impatient and immediately leave. A slow server will cause your web site to load slowly. Once you’ve uploaded your file to the server check your sites loading time before your guarantee expires.

5. No guarantee offered

A reliable web hosting company will offer at least a 30 day or more money back guarantee. This allows you to test the reliability of the company for 30 days. If you don’t receive what was promised when you signed up, consider moving to another web host.

6. Web host domain name

Check the name servers match the domain name of your Web host. The nameservers are where your domain name points to the server of your Web host. A good Web hosting company will own the domain name that matches the name servers. If they don’t match it may mean they are simply an affiliate company and may have limited knowledge about web hosting.

7. Easy to contact

Your web hosting company contact information should be easy to access. Many companies don’t offer phone support because they get overwhelmed by their clients asking the same questions. Instead they’ll include a frequently asked questions section on their website and offer technical support by e-mail. Make sure you read all the information on their website before signing up for a hosting plan.

If you avoid these top 7 web hosting mistakes when selecting a company to host your website files you’ll have less problems and want to stay with the same company for the lifetime of your website.

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How to Use Cpanel: Top 7 Ways to Use a Web Host Control Panel

How to Use Cpanel
If you’re hosting your website on a Linux server (most hosting companies) you’ll receive a web-based control panel called Cpanel. This allows you to manage your website using a graphical interface. It enables you to create e-mail accounts, FTP your files, install scripts, blogs and view your website statistics.

Top 7 Ways to Use a Web Host Control Panel

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What is Hosting Space | How Much Do I Need | How To Choose a Host

What is Hosting Space

Website owners often have a difficult time deciding how much space they need to host their website. If you opt to get the minimum amount of hosting space it may not be enough to allow for expansion should you add more files. If you ask for unlimited hosting space it may be more than you need and the web hosting provider may be cramming as many websites as possible onto the server to cut costs.

What is hosting space?

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What is bandwidth, Why is it important, How much do I need?


Do you offer downloadable files from your website?
Do you receive or expect sudden surges in Web traffic?
Is your website traffic growing rapidly?
How do you know how much bandwidth your website needs?

Answering these questions will give you a better idea what bandwidth is and why it is important.

What is bandwidth?

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What Are the Advantages of Web Hosting

You have 2 options for getting a website online. The first option is to build your website on a free hosting service such as Google pages or WordPress dot com. This may be a good solution if you don’t have any money, don’t care about branding your business or are worried the free service will disappear. A much better solution is to purchase your own hosting account.

Top 7 advantages of having your own web hosting account

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