How to Transfer a Domain Name to Another Web Host

Are you unhappy with your current web host?
What are the steps to transfer your domain name to another web host?
Will your site be offline during the transfer?

Many website owners delay transferring their domain names because they don’t know how to do it, think it will be too complicated or will result in their site disappearing or being offline for some time.

Before transferring your domain name..think about these 2 points:

1. Don’t register your domain name with your web host. It’s better to register your domain name separately from your web hosting provider. This is because if you wish to change web hosts you don’t have to bother transferring your domain name plus some web hosting companies make it very difficult to let go of your domain name (they want to keep your business).

Ask which company your web host registers their domains with. I register all my domains with Godaddy because they are reliable domain name registrars however don’t host your website with them. Instead choose a reliable web hosting company.

2. Changing web hosting companies. If you simply want to change web hosts but not transfer your domain name simply point your current nameservers to the nameservers of your new web host. This is much easier and faster than transferring your domain name to another web host or domain name registrar.

If your web host owns the domain name follow the steps below to transfer it.

How to Transfer a Domain Name to Another Web Host or Domain Name Registrar

Domain name transfers are usually completed in five days or less, however some transfers may take up to seven days.


To transfer a domain name you need to do the following:

  • Unlock the domain at your current registrar
  • Have a valid email address of the administrative contact for the domain name
  • Authorization or EPP code of your current domain name registrar

Transferring your Domain Name

After you’ve prepared the domain name and obtained the required information, you’re ready to start the transfer process:

  1. Notify the domain name’s administrative contact of the transfer.
  2. Purchase a domain name transfer from your future domain name registrar (or web host)
  3. Within 24 hours, an email is sent to the domain name’s administrative contact with instructions to approve the transfer.
  4. Approving the transfer requires access to the account in which the transfer was purchased.
  5. After the transfer is approved, a transfer request is sent to the registry.
  6. The registry notifies the new registrar of the request.
  7. The new domain name registrar sends an acceptance or denial notice to the registry.
  8. They usually have five calendar days to deny the transfer, otherwise the transfer is automatically approved.
  9. The registry acknowledges or denies the request by notifying the new domain name registrar
  10. A confirmation email is sent to the email address on file in the customer account where the transfer was purchased.

Note: Most domain name extensions take 5 to 7 days to be transferred once the transfer is authorized. The transfer process may vary a little between different registrars.

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