Convert Blog to Static Site – Part 1

A static site is what most people have been using to get their businesses on the Net. These days blogs are becoming popular because they are easier to create and maintain, however there is now an easy way to convert a blog to a static web site and still retain all its benefits.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a database-driven web site that generates dynamic web pages. It can be easily and frequently updated. Often a blog is added to a static web site or stands on its own.

What is a Static Site?

A static site used html pages and is not database-driven. It is still the most popular type of web site because it’s relatively easy to build.

Top 10 Benefits of a Blog

1. Separate content from design

If you use blogging software such as WordPress you have hundreds of templates to choose from. Because the design is separate to the template design you can change the design of your whole web site in a few seconds and still keep the content intact.

2. Easy installation and set-up

Most web hosts enable you to do a one click installation of WordPress from the cpanel (admin panel). If your web host doesn’t have this feature find another. With the admin panel of your WordPress Blog you can change the theme with another click or choose from hundreds of doing a search on Google for “WordPress Themes”

3. Easy maintenance

Instead of using FTP to upload and download files, you simply login to the admin panel, write your content, then save it. You’re new web page is immediately generated.

4. Search engine friendly

Because blogs usually contain fresh content, the search engines love them and will index the pages faster than static sites.

5. Automatic RSS Feeds
Your content is automatically syndicated to RSS directories because RSS is already built into the WordPress blog. Every time you write a post the software pings the RSS feed directories. This means more traffic to your blog.


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  2. Annie says:

    Annie Thank you for the helpful info! I would not have discovered this myself!…

    Thank you for the helpful info! I would not have discovered this myself!…

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