Ebook Marketing – How to Market Your Ebook with Articles Part 2

5. Quality content

There’s a lot of junk content on the Net.

How is your article going to stand out from others?

Begin writing in a natural style like you are sitting across from your customer and talking to them. The quality of your content will determine how many readers you attract. Seek out popular ezines in your target market then ask them if they would be open to receiving your articles.

A thoroughly researched and well-written article will attract many more readers than one that was been hastily put together.

6. Call to action

So you’ve written a great article but no one is clicking on the link in your resource box. This means you need to take a hard look at your call to action. Try to make a natural transition from your content to your CTA.

For example you’ve just explained the benefits of writing articles to gain traffic. Your CTA could say something like:

“To learn the secret strategies of how to write and submit articles to gain lots of traffic please visit: www.yourdomain.com.”

This CTA emphasizes you’ve got to know these secrets if you are going to do this correctly. It appeals the reader to take action to find them.

7. Testing

The key to successfully marketing your ebook or product is to continually test your marketing strategies until you find one that works then stick to it. I’ve discovered article marketing is a very effective way to generate long term traffic but it needs to be done correctly. This means you need to try different headlines, resource boxes, vary the style of your content and submit your article to the top article directories and niche web sites.

Use Google Analytics or your hosting stats to track the visitors to your web site. If you write and submit articles consistently you will notice a steady increase in page views, rankings and sales.

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