Google Plus Your World and How It Affects You

  • Did you know that Google shows you results based on the location of your computer?
  • Did you know that if you’re logged into Google it will show you Google Plus results?
  • Did you know that the “Search Plus Your World” displays privately shared content together with public content?

Google Plus Your World

Google’s search results have changed dramatically from several years ago. The search results you see may be different that what your client sees because they are using a computer with a different IP address. For instance a search on your main keyword may display your website on the first page of Google however if viewed on a computer at another location it may not appear at all.

With “Google Plus Your World” private and public search results are all mixed together if you are logged into your Google account. For instance when searching on a specific keyword you’re given the option of clicking an the icon on the upper right side of the page to show personalized or public results. This may make it easier for a person to receive content shared from friends and family along with public content but may cause privacy concerns.

Here’s a video on showing the features of “Search Plus Your World”

Google+ results are also incorporated into Google’s search results. For example when I did a search on the keyword phrase “website design” Google+ results appeared above the Google Ads whether I had clicked on “show personal results” or clicked on “hide personal results.” Personalized results are not displayed publicly. They only appear to the person who views them.

Currently “Search Plus Your World” doesn’t include content from Facebook or Twitter only Google+ because it is one of Google’s properties. So if you do a search on Google with personal results activated you’ll also receive content from Google News, Google Images, Google Video, Google+ and other Google search services. You won’t have to search on them individually.

How does this affect you and what should you do?

1. Sign-up for a Google+ account

Google+ results affect search engine rankings so opening a Google+ account is a must plus make sure you regularly update your Google+ page and encourage others to plus your content.

2. Check SEO results with personalized search turned off

When checking your rankings make sure you are NOT logged into your Google account or if you are, click the icon that says “hide personal results.”

Since Google also displays results based on geography ask someone in another location to view the results using the same keyword or use ranking software such as Market Samurai to view public your true rankings.

3. Opt-out of personalized search

Since Google automatically displays personalized results when logged into your account you can opt-out permanently through the Search Settings area on Google.

4. Don’t rely on Google for all your traffic

Avoid placing all your eggs in one basket (Google) so you don’t have to rely on them for all your traffic and sales. Make sure you optimize your content for Yahoo and Bing plus utilize other forms of marketing such as list building and video marketing.


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