How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers

Let me ask you a question about your buying habits: do you usually buy a product on your first visit or do you buy it after several visits?

When shopping online it’s very easy to comparison shop or get distracted by surfing other websites. Most internet users won’t purchase something on the first visit unless they know exactly what they want or get mesmerized by a great sales letter (how often have you bought something and never used it?)

How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers

Relationships require investment. Think of a marriage relationship. You wouldn’t ask a person of the opposite sex to marry you based on one conversation. A marriage is based on multiple conversations.

The same applies to online marketing. It usually takes up to 7 follow-up messages before a person feels comfortable enough to buy from you. People will buy products from those they like, know and trust. Autoresponders enable you to automatically send out multiple messages over time.

If you want to sell a product don’t immediately send visitors to your sales page but have them opt-in to a landing page by offering a free report. Once they have subscribed send a new message to them every couple of days. It could be an article that offers more in-depth information about your product. At the end of your article provide a link to the sales page of your product.

Setting up this sequence of emails in your autoresponder not only reminds the visitor about your product but helps them make an informed decision.

Build a list

“The money is in the list” is a phrase many online marketers mention. It’s true because it’s easier to sell to people who have already bought from you that first time visitors. If you create a newsletter you can send this out every week or 2 weeks thus helping build long term relationships.

If your search engine rankings suddenly disappear or Google goes bankrupt you’ll still be able to run your business because you have a list.

Action steps

  • Place an opt-in form on every one of your website pages so visitors have an opportunity to get on your list. If you have a blog place the opt-in form in the top right of your page or have a pop-in page that drops down as the page is loading.
  • Create a short report that motivates visitors to leave their name and email address.
  • Write a series of 7 email follow-up messages that offer valuable content about your product.
  • Include a link to your product sales page at the bottom of every follow-up email.
  • Track your results. Most autoresponders have tracking capabilities

Instead of losing sales and 100s of potential visitors you now have created a follow-up system using autoresponders that build long lasting relationships.

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  1. […] How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers […]

  2. […] How Autoresponders Build Relationships With Your Customers […]

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