How to Build a Relationship With Your Autoresponder List

Many marketers focus on building large email lists because they’ve been told you can make a lot of instant money by sending product offers to them. So they spend weeks or even years building their list believing this is the correct thing to do. One of the biggest problems with most list builders is not developing relationships with the people on their list. They are only concerned about the numbers. This results in an unresponsive list. A small responsive list is better than a large one which gets no response.

7 ways to build a relationship with your autoresponder list

1. Write in a conversational manner

Don’t use corporate language or write in the third person(i.e. we, they). When a person opens up your email you want to relate to them by having a conversation. This helps breaks down the barriers between you and your potential customer.

2. Treat them as a friend

People buy products from people they know and trust. When you sit down to write your follow-up messages think of yourself having a cup of coffee with a friend then send the message to your entire list.

3. Never stop interacting

Instead of only sending 7 or so follow-up messages then stopping, continue to send a new email every few weeks or month. Marketers often make the mistake of only contacting their list again 1 year later to sell a new product. Your customer may not remember who you are and simply delete your email. Send follow-up messages on a consistent basis to interact and maintain relationships with your list.

4. Avoid too much selling

If you always try to sell something in every message you’ll turn off your customers. Send lots of free information and only once in a while introduce a new product. Try to place yourself in your customers’ shoes so you can find ways to help them grow their business.

5. Survey your list

Instead of trying to guess what your customers need send them a survey. To get them to fill out the survey offer a free report or tell them they’ll get a copy of the survey results.

6. Let your personality shine through

Reading email messages doesn’t have to be boring. Try different styles of writing to see what connects with your audience the best. You won’t be able to satisfy everyone on your list because every person is unique but they’ll be attracted to the way you write.

7. Provide valuable content

If you provide valuable in-depth content they won’t find elsewhere your customers will look forward to receiving your messages. Avoid the temptation of rehashing someone else’s content because it will undermine your authority on the subject.

If you implement one or all 7 of these methods you’ll not only build a relationship with your autoresponder list but sell more products.


  1. Nice article i like it. You provided the really valuable ways to interact with customers via auto responders.This helped me alot in communicating with my customers thanks again! 🙂

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