How To Create A Video Script To Make Better Videos

Do you want to make better videos?
Why write a script when you can just talk in front of the camera?
Won’t the video appear more natural if you don’t use a script?
What should you say in your videos?

Writing a script for your video may seem monotonous, boring and useless however without doing it your videos will be disorganized, full of mistakes and appear unprofessional. Of course you could just wing it by turning on the camera and start talking however most people that do this tend to ramble on and lose their viewers.

So how should you script your video and what should you say to keep the attention of your viewers?

1. Create a teaser

Grab the attention of your viewers by immediately telling them what they are going to receive and why they should listen. Think of the biggest benefit they will receive.


“In this video I’m going to show you how to structure your video so your visitors will stay until the end.”

Alternatively grab their attention by asking a few questions or telling a story.

2. Include branding

Introduce yourself and your brand by adding your logo, tagline, graphics and music. This adds a professional touch and cements the image of your business or product in the mind of your viewers.

3. Present your main content

This is where you expand on the main benefit you promised at the beginning of your video so it keeps the attention of your audience. For example you could say something like…

“Here are the 3 steps for correctly structuring your video.”

then demonstrate or teach the 3 steps.

Avoid making too many points otherwise your video will become too long and you’ll lose the attention of your audience. Try to keep your video under 3 minutes or less.

4. Add a call to action

So you’ve given some great content but now you want your viewers to give back by asking them to take action. Tell them exactly what to do and why they should do it.


“Subscribe to my Free e-course to receive “21 highly effective ways to generate free traffic to your website. Click here or visit the link in the description below this video.”

Note: Offering an incentive such as a free report or e-course will motivate more people to subscribe than not having it. Make sure your information is directly related to your video content.

Here are some examples of different calls to action:

  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Ask viewers to visit your blog or website
  • Ask viewers to visit your opt-in landing page to download a free report
  • Ask viewers to leave a comment and/or “like” your video.
  • Ask viewers to share your video with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc

5. Reinforce your brand

By the time your viewers have finished watching your video and being wowed by your content they’ve probably forgotten who you are and what your business is about. Therefore re-emphasize your brand by displaying your logo, graphics, tag line and including music. This will also reinforce the call to action you made previously.

6. Redirect visitors to a related video

YouTube automatically redirects visitors to another video after watching yours. Instead of letting YouTube redirect them to an unrelated video include a link to one of your own videos so you don’t lose them.

7. Thank your audience

Tell viewers you appreciate them taking the time to watch your videos by saying “thanks for watching” at the end of your video.

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Optional: Bloopers

If you want to train people to stay until the the end of your video try adding bloopers. These can be short clips of mistakes you made while creating your video or funny action shots of some part of your life that others found entertaining.

After you’ve created the script for your video, practice delivering it several times so your content comes across naturally to your viewers. If you can’t memorize the whole script break it up by memorizing then delivering several sentences at a time.

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