16 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos And Get More Traffic

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If you don’t promote your YouTube videos you won’t attract viewers or generate any sales. Even though YouTube videos receive billions of views every day there a certain steps you need to take to siphon off some of that traffic.

Here Are 16 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos To Get More Traffic

1. Do keyword research

Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out how many searches a specific keyword receives each month. If it receives a lot of searches(e.g. 5000/month) then you can almost guarantee you’re going to get traffic as long as your video attains first page rankings in Google and/or YouTube. To achieve first page rankings you need to optimize your video.

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2. Optimize your video for the search engines

After you’ve identified your ideal keyword phrase and uploaded your video to YouTube you need to optimize it to generate free organic traffic from the search engines.

Follow these steps to optimize your video on YouTube:

  • Video file: Include your main keyword in the video file name
  • Title: Insert your main keyword at the beginning of your title followed by your main benefit ie “16 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos To Get More Traffic”
  • Description: Reinsert your title followed by the web address to your landing page, blog or website (where you want your visitors to go after watching your video). Write out all the content in your video.
  • Tags: Include your main keyword and related keywords in your tags

Watch this video: YouTube Optimization: How To Optimize Your Title, Description and Tags

3. Upload a transcript

The Google spider ranks content based on keywords so upload a transcript of your video content so Google can index the keywords found in your transcript. Make sure you have closed captions (CC) turned on so each sentence is displayed below your video as it’s playing.

4. Create a custom thumbnail

This helps your video to stand out in the search engines by placing an image next to your listing. I suggest using a captivating image and displaying the main title of your video.
Note: You’ll need to activate partner status on your YouTube account to utilize this function.

Watch the video: How To Create A YouTube Custom Thumbnail That Attracts More Viewers

5. Optimize your channel

Insert your main keywords in your channel title and channel description (about section). Subscribe to related channels in your niche. Avoid ones where there is little or no activity. Instead look for ones that receive a lot of views and comments and have new videos constantly uploaded.

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6. Add the video to your playlist

Playlists help get more views to your other videos by creating a series of videos from the ones you’ve already uploaded. To add a video to your playlist, log in to your YouTube account, click the “add to” link underneath a video. You can add it to a playlist that already exists, or create a new one.

Click Here for more information on how to create, edit or delete playlists.

7. Create a video response

Instead of just leaving a comment under a related video, create a video response. This not only gives your own video a boost in the search engines but enables commenters to watch a video related to the one they are currently commenting on.

8. Announce on social media sites

YouTube makes it easy to share videos on social sites by including share buttons below your video. After uploading your video to YouTube make sure you at least share it on the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Increasing social interaction helps boost your rankings in the search engines.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest enables you to embed videos on it’s site . This builds powerful backlinks to your own videos which is necessary to achieve top rankings in Google and YouTube.

10. Embed your video on your own site and other websites

Embedding your video on multiple sites helps boost your rankings. Make sure you embed it on your own site first. One of the best ways to do this is first write a blog post on the content of your video then embed it within your content. Include an anchor text link (hyperlinked text containing your main keyword phrase)

Example: Video Traffic Academy Review

11. Promote on related forums

Find an active forum related to your niche and engage in the conversation by answering and asking questions. Most forums allow you to place a link or embed a video in your forum profile. When answering a question you can refer readers to one of your videos by linked to it in the forum.

12. Ask for comments likes and subscriptions

YouTube enables you to add annotations directly within your video (called external annotations). Ask viewers while they are watching to like, comment on your video and subscribe to your channel.

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13. Interact with the YouTube community

YouTube is a social platform so get involved in the community be commenting, liking and subscribing to other videos and channels in your niche. This also helps build backlinks to your own video and channel.

14. Create quality content

This is one of the most significant factors for getting people to watch your videos to the end. If the content has little or no value (ie solves a problem or helps viewers learn something of value) they’ll leave within the first few seconds.

To prevent this from happening you need to create a captivating title and thumbnail image so visitors click on your video listed in Google or YouTube then keep their attention throughout the video by expanding on the content you promised in your title.

15. Create a captivating call to action

This refers to the action you want your viewers to take after watching your video. For example you could send them to a lead capture page or invite them to sign up for your free e-course. If you create an effective marketing funnel your video can generate new leads and sales on a continuous basis..hands free.

16. Track your statistics

YouTube Analytics makes it easy to see how many visitors each video receives, which one is the most popular and if visitors are staying to the end of your video.

Tracking the stats of your videos is essential if want to improve the performance of your videos. For instance after analyzing your stats you notice one of your videos is not receiving many views so you change the title. After a few days you notice a dramatic increase in traffic.

Don’t forget about your video after you’ve uploaded it. This is just the first step in the promotion process. Most of the promotional work occurs after this therefore follow the 16 steps above if you want to attract a continuous stream of traffic and leads.

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