How to Record Your Computer Screen Using Screenr

Want a free method to record your computer screen?
Want to instantly Tweet your video recording?
Want to immediately upload your video screencast to YouTube?

Creating a screencast video of your desktop usually meant you had to purchase expensive software like Camtasia Studio ($299 for a license) now you can do it free online using Screenr.

Benefits of Screenr

  • Save time and money
  • No software to download
  • Create a screen capture video of your desktop
  • Instantly share your video using Twitter
  • Instantly publish to YouTube
  • Download an .mp4 file
  • Store your screencasts online
  • Works on a Mac or PC
  • Can be displayed on iPhones
  • Get embed code to place on your own website

How to Record Your Computer Screen Using Screenr

  • Click the record button
  • Move and resize the recording frame
  • Choose your microphone
  • Click the red record button
  • Everything within the frame will be recorded
  • You can pause the recording if needed
  • Click “done” when you’ve finished recording
  • Write a description under your video
  • Tweet your message (it supplies a short URL to your screencast)
  • Use the embed code to place the video on your website
  • Download the .mp4 file to publish it on other video sharing sites

Note: You are given 5 minutes to create your screencast video however this is long enough as most people these days have a short attention span and want information delivered quickly.

Uses of Screenr

  • Share information with others
  • Create tutorials
  • Create video slide shows
  • Convert articles to video

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m really glad I found your website, I’ve been wondering how people were able to record their screens.

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