How To Set Up An Autoresponder – Single or Double Opt-in?

One of the decisions you have to make when you first set-up your autoresponder is to use single or double opt-in. Single opt-in means when a person submits the sign-up form on your web page he doesn’t have to confirm his email address before he is subscribed or receives a free offer.

Double opt in means the customer has to check his email to confirm his subscription. Only after clicking the link in his email does he get added to your email list. Some autoresponder services only allow double opt-in. This is to reduce spam complaints and to satisfy Internet Service Provider (ISP) requirements.

Pros and cons of single and double opt in

Single opt in


  • No confirmation needed
  • Takes less time for customers to subscribe
  • Less chance of losing customers
  • Delivers offer or product immediately after sign up


  • Open to using fake e-mail addresses
  • Open to abuse by spam robots
  • IP address may get blocked due to spam complaints
  • Less human interaction required
  • Subscribers may not realize they were added to a list
  • No accurate way to measure true number of subscribers

Double opt in


  • Unable to use fake e-mail addresses
  • Spam robots unable to abuse sign-up form
  • Spam robots unable to abuse sign-up form
  • A real person needs to confirm their e-mail address
  • Only serious customers confirm their subscriptions
  • Subscriber count is more accurate
  • More friendly to ISPs


  • Confirmation of customer needed
  • Takes more time
  • Lose customers due to the extra step required to confirm
  • Requires an extra step before delivering offer or product

When using single opt-in to you can never be sure you’re getting real people to subscribe to your list. Even though your list may grow fast you may be receiving a bunch of fake e-mail addresses. This falsifies the number of subscribers you actually have. When you make an offer to your list you may wonder why the response rate is low.

Single opt in e-mail addresses receive more spam complaints because many recipients didn’t actually confirm they wanted to receive follow-up e-mails. They get added to a list without their permission. For instance some of their well-intentioned friends may have subscribed people on their behalf.

My recommendation
If you want peace of mind only use double opt-in. You can then be sure they are highly qualified subscribers because they took the time to confirm their e-mail addresses. This means they’re interested in your offer or product. The response rates will be higher than single opt in because you know real human beings are behind each e-mail address on your list.

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