How To Use Autoresponders To Market Your Products Online

Marketing your products on the Internet is not easy. Even if you generate lots of traffic to your website or landing page it doesn’t guarantee sales. You need to convert prospects into customers. One of the best ways to convert website visitors into customers is to use follow-up autoresponders. It’s one of the most under-used, low-tech tools to market products online.

Tapping the power of autoresponders

If you’ve ever tried to sell products online you know that only a small percentage of people buy. The majority (approximately 98%) leave and are never seen again. Autoresponders allow you to retain many of these visitors. This is accomplished by adding a sign-up form to your landing page. To motivate people to subscribe offer them a free report or video. After they download your free offer their contact information is stored in an online database. They receive an instant follow-up e-mail message after they have subscribed. Every few days another follow-up e-mail is automatically generated by your autoresponder. To get a new prospect to buy your product you need at least 7 follow-up messages.

Once you’ve set up your autoresponder system it will enable you to sell products on autopilot.

3 ways autoresponders help market your products online

1. Follow-up marketing

Use one autoresponder to follow-up on prospects. These are people who have not yet purchased any of your products. Often a person is not ready to buy right away but when given more information they more inclined to open their wallets. Offering valuable tips, news, reports in your follow-up e-mails helps the prospect make a more informed decision.

Use another autoresponder for customers who have already bought your products. Place them in a different category because they trusted you enough to buy your product. The most important follow-up message should be to thank them for their purchase. Successive e-mail content may include asking for feedback through surveys, well-written articles, video tutorials, special reports and product recommendations.

2. Offer an e-course

This is a series of email lessons delivered automatically by an autoresponder. For instance if you wanted to sell a 12 week e-course, set up your autoresponder to automatically deliver a new lesson each week for 12 weeks. This enables you to sell a product on autopilot. If you want to make more money simply set up more autoresponders with related products.

3. Educate customers

Customers often get frustrated because they don’t know how to use a product or get held up with technical issues. Use your autoresponder to deliver educational lessons. For example if someone doesn’t know how to set up a WordPress website send them a series of email or video tutorials by autoresponder. Every time a new person has this problem direct them to your autoresponder series. This saves a lot of time because you’ve set up an automated response system.

Instead of relying on impulse buyers to sell your products, use autoresponders to build relationships with your customers. When people know, like and trust you you’ll make more money.

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