How To Write a Newsletter Article Step By Step

So you need to write a newsletter article and have no idea where to start. Think first of your audience by placing yourself in their shoes then brainstorm a list of topics they’re interested in. If you’re still stuck for ideas visit online publications such as article directories, online magazines, forums, blogs and social media websites. Another idea is to enter keyword+article in the search engines to return articles related to your subject.

After you’ve decided on a topic it’s time to begin writing. Create an outline of the content in your mind or on paper. This will help structure the flow of your article and make it easier to complete.

How to write a newsletter article step by step

1. Headline

Spend some time on this as it will be the first thing readers will see and gets them to read the rest of the article. Use action verbs such as how, get, discover, learn, etc. Asking questions in your title is also a very effective method for capturing their interest.

2. Introduction

One very effective method for getting people to read your article is to point out a problem and provide a series of solutions in your content. Use your introductory paragraph to outline the problem. Describe it from different angles so it’s clear to your reader what you’re talking about.

3. Main content

Write several paragraphs that provide solutions to the problem outlined in your introduction. Make each paragraph 5 to 10 lines in length. Use subheadings and bullet points so your article will be easy to read. Many people simply scan your article instead of reading it word for word.

4. Conclusion

Your last paragraph should contain a summary of what you have already written. This reminds the reader about the main points covered in your article.

5. Call to action

An article is a great way to presell your product because it puts the reader in a buying mood. For example if you wrote a review of the 3 best cell phones then included your recommendation at the end of the article it would make sense to include a link to your product. If you’re writing an online newsletter redirect visitors to your product or services page.

6. Unsubscribe

Have you ever continued to receive e-mail from someone because there was no way to unsubscribe from their publication? Always give subscribers the option to unsubscribe otherwise you’ll be accused of spamming. Some people no longer wish to be on your list because they lost interest or they suffer from information overload.

7. Privacy

Always reassure potential subscribers their e-mail address will never be rented, traded or sold and you hate spam. This helps them trust you with their contact information.

A newsletter is a very powerful way to build relationships with your readers. It helps them to know and trust you and people tend to buy products and services from people they trust.

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