Leads Tunnel Review – How To Capture Hot Leads On Autopilot From Facebook Without Using A Landing Page

Do you want generate hot leads from Facebook
without using an opt-in page?

By eliminating the need for people to visit and read your opt-in page you’ll generate subscribers faster and easier. Leads Tunnel Software enables you to to add subscribers directly from a Facebook Ad to your email list.

Watch my review video below…

What are the Top 5 Benefits of Leads Tunnel?

1. Build your email list on autopilot
2. 100% opt-in conversions (all emails are Facebook verified)
3. Multiple opt-ins (add leads automatically to any autoresponder and/or
webinar at the same time).
4. No landing page required
5. Cloud-based (no need to install any software)

How Does Leads Tunnel work?

Normally to get traffic and leads from Facebook, you’d send people to your ad and you might get a 1% CTR (click through rate). From your ad you send them to a web page or opt-in landing page where you might get 20-35% opt-in rate and then you send them to your list.

But with Leads Tunnel, to get traffic and leads, you set up your lead ad and then send them directly to through leads tunnel to your autoresponder and/or your webinar to get them on your list. So you eliminate the need for a landing page and therefore you get more opt-ins.

The beauty of Leads Tunnel is that it’s priced very low, you have multi-opt-ins, there’s is no lead storage and there are no security issues.

So what do you get with Leads Tunnel?

1. You’ll discover the “5 minute trick” to pulling leads directly from Facebook without ever creating a website or dealing with their compliance nightmare.

2. You’ll be able to build your email list, promote affiliate offers, get laser targeted registrations to your webinars..all in just a few clicks.

3. You’ll immediately be able to build an email list…no website needed.

4. You’ll be able to get 100% opt-in conversions.

5. You won’t be paying for fake emails.

6. You don’t have to worry about technology.

7. You get started within 5 minutes.

8. It integrates with 20 of your favorite autoresponders.

9. You can watch a live case study…a demo. Watch how they got 200 verified emails in 24 hours with Leads Tunnel – Fully Automated.

10. You’ll be able to promote affiliate offers within clicks to create an instant income.

11. You’ll be able to fill every webinar with laser targeted attendees.
– Leads tunnel directly connects to your webinar platform
– You have multi-opt-in so you can send people to your autoresponder
& your webinar platforms.

12. You’ll never have your Facebook account shut down because you’ll never have to have a landing page.

13. Facebook prefers this kind of ad.

You can claim your special 92% launch special discount and have 30 day zero risk 100% money back guarantee.

You also get these Free Bonuses

Bonus 1: You get the Facebook Lead Ads Academy. This is an advanced level Facebook Training.
Bonus 2. You get 30 days FREE Sendlane account. So this is the number 1 best autoresponder service for email marketers. It directly connects to Leads Tunnel.

Here are some testimonials..

“…suitable for beginners to advanced marketers alike. Facebook leads is new and it’s HOT – you need to get on it asap!”

“…Leads Tunnel gives me the flexibility of being able to opt a person into multiple places at once (autoresponder ad webinar) and the automation where it’s hands free. It’s set and forget! If you are using Facebook
leads ads by Facebook – this is a must have tool for your business.”

“…Leads Tunnel allows me to skip the traditional method of list building ad skip right to what matters. Their verified email directly to my favorite email autoresponder, CRM, and webinar platform. I highly recommend LeadsTunnel.”

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • It works both on PC and MAC and it’s Cloud-based.
  • You can create unlimited ads with the use license.
  • You get one leads account per license but you can create as many ads as you want with your Facebook Ads account.
  • It integrates with multiple autoreponders or webinar systems.
  • You get step by step instructions how to integrate directly with Leads Tunnel.
  • There is no monthly fee. It’s just a one-time fee.
  • You can get support through this email address (support at leadstunnel.com).
  • And you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That’s it!
Now you can grow your list and build your
business..WITHOUT using a landing page.

Click the link below to get access to Leads Tunnel TODAY!

Get More Leads With Thrive Leads Multi-Step Opt-in Forms

Build Your Mailing List Faster

The Thrive Leads Plugin enables you to set up any kind of multi-step opt-in form that you need. The current version contains 3 multi-step opt-in templates with more templates to follow. The strategy is based on your visitor making micro commitments which results in boosting your conversion rates.

Watch the video below to see how it works…

  • The first form shows you an offer with a button that says “Yes, send me the whitepaper.” When you click on the button, without a page reload or any delay it loads a second state of the same form.
  • This can be combined with the 2-step opt-in form so when you click on “click me” then the multi-step process displays inside the form.

Here’s another variation of another multi-step form…

  • It asks one simple question “Do you want to
    double your traffic in the next 30 days?”
  • It gives you a clear choice of “yes” or “no” If you click on the “yes” option it switches to the actual opt-in offer.
  • In this case if you click on “click me” and select “No I don’t like traffic” then it simply closes the form.

Psychologically there’s a big difference between displaying an opt-in form when asking a user to enter their contact information versus a multi-step form that asks a question.

For example “hey do you want this free report?. They just have to answer yes or no before they see the opt-in form.

The human brain cannot help but engage with a question that it is confronted with. If you want to increase your opt-in conversion rates and make your mailing list more responsive then get the Thrive Leads Plugin. Here’s my review of Thrive Leads.

Click on the banner below to get the Thrive Leads Plugin NOW!

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Thrive Leads Review | The Last Mailing List Plugin You’ll Ever Need

Thrive Leads Review

Discover how you can build mailing faster than ever before and get traffic on tap.
Learn why building your list is the most valuable and profitable leverage point in your online business.

Here are 2 well known facts about marketing:
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Aweber Review – 33 Points To Consider Before Choosing An Email List Provider

Do you want to generate sales on autopilot?
Are you currently building an email list?
Are you following up on the people on your list?

For many years I was told “the money is in the list” but never focused on it until I changed my thinking and placed an opt-in form on my website to get people to subscribe to my newsletter. Initially I chose a free autoresponder to manage my subscribers (since the first 1000 were free) but only found out later my emails were not getting delivered. I learned my lesson..”you get what you pay for.”
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How To Generate Leads and Make More Sales

youtube marketing funnel

One of the biggest problems online marketers face is to create a highly targeted message that leads directly into your marketing funnel so it continuously generates more sales. If your message (web copy or video) doesn’t directly relate to the product you’re trying to promote your visitors will get distracted and go elsewhere. The more direct the pathway is to your offer the better your chances are of generating a sale.

Let me illustrate with a YouTube Video Example:
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Subscribers Magnet Review: A WordPress Plugin To Double Email Subscribers Without Getting Any Additional Traffic

Subscribers Magnet

Are people visiting your blog but not subscribing to your list?
Want to easily double or triple your email subscribers rate?
Want to track the performance of your blog’s optin forms?

One of the biggest mistakes I made with my blog was not focusing on building a list because it helps build long term relationships with your subscribers. Once you’ve built these relationships you can recommend products and services to them.

I corrected this mistake by adding an opt-in form in the sidebar asking people to subscribe to my newsletter. The result..I only got a few new subscribers so I created an incentive by offering a free e-course titled “21 highly effective ways to generate free traffic to your website.” This helped increase my subscriber rate but I was still not happy with it so I added a newsletter opt-in form to the bottom of each post. The funny thing was more people subscribed at this location than the optin form in the sidebar.

Still not happy with my optin rate I decided to install the Subscriber’s Magnet Plugin for WordPress which uses the Multiple Hit Strategy to increase subscriber rates.

It’s tagline states…

” Learn How To Not Only Double, But Triple And Even Quadruple The Number Of Email Subscribers To Your WordPress Blog”…Without Getting Any Additional Traffic.

Who wouldn’t want to double or triple the number of subscribers so I bought the plugin because they “guarantee to double your blog subscription rate in 60 days or less or you get all your money back.”

Here’s what I liked the most about the Subscriber’s Magnet Plugin
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Video List Building: How To Build Your List Using YouTube Videos

video list building-s

Did you realize only a very small percentage of people will purchase your product or service the first time they see it? Most people (including myself) want to be more informed before investing our hard-earned money. There’s also the barrier of trust. You’re more inclined to purchase a product if you trust the person or business.

Let’s look at the top 4 benefits of building a list
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Increase Your Client List: 4 Tips for Getting More Opt In Sign Ups

For many years I put off client list building because I couldn’t see or understand the significance of doing it. Instead I concentrated on generating quick sales from cold contacts. These were first time visitors to my website or blog. It wasn’t until I started a bi-weekly newsletter that I realized how important it was to stay in touch with your clients. By sending out valuable business building tips every 2 weeks I was able to build long term relationships with people on my list. These customers often purchased products or services I recommended in my newsletter because I had won their trust. Most people don’t like to buy from strangers.

How to get more opt in sign ups to increase your client list

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Customer List Building – 7 Common Mistakes Made When Trying to Build Your Customer List

Customer List building is one of the best ways to generate a long-term income. The larger your list the more income you can make. This is because you can continue to market to the people on your list as long as they remain on it. This is in sharp contrast to a one time sales opportunity where you only have one chance to make a sale from a person visiting your website. Mistakes made during the list building process will lower your income potential.

Let’s look at the 7 common mistakes made when trying to build your customer list:

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List Building: Honor Your Customers To Boost Response Rates

When building a list of potential customers from all your web properties it’s easy to forget they are human beings that have the same or similar wants and desires as yourself. When sending a message to your list of 2000 or more subscribers avoid viewing them as just a list. Instead treat them as if you’re having a conversation with a friend sitting opposite you. If you practice this you’ll get a much better response from your list because you’re writing will be more personable.

Why You Should Honor Your Customers

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