Increase Traffic to Your Website With 3 Types of Promotional Techniques

Want to generate a continuous stream of traffic to your website?
Want to convert a stream of visitors into a flood of visitors?

Most website owners are not happy with the current flow of traffic to their websites. They want to generate more sales and/or attract more subscribers. Every day there is someone pitching their latest secret traffic technique that promises the moon. Well, I am going to discuss the 3 techniques I’ve used to increase traffic to my websites over 12 years.

1. Creating relevant content

Content is still King on the internet no matter what form it’s in such as text, video and audio. If it’s not relevant to your audience they’re not going to read and listen to it or tell their friends. To create relevant content you need to place yourself in the shoes of your visitors so you can write objectively instead of writing from your own viewpoint. To achieve this interact with your potential audience on forums, blogs, social media sites and respond to the comments on your own blog.

If you provide solutions to the main problems your visitors are having they’ll naturally link to your content which will result in building backlinks, gaining higher rankings and increasing website traffic.

2. Article marketing

This could also be called “content marketing” because one article can be converted into other forms of content such as video, audio, webinars, etc. To write an effective article research the keywords people are using to find your niche using Google’s free keyword tool. Select one of your main keyword phrases then weave it naturally throughout your content. Begin with a captivating headline, then write a list of tips that provide solutions to a problem. Write a paragraph for each tip. Use the resource box at the end of your article to create a call to action i.e. download a free report or visit your website. Make sure you include a link to your website.

After proofreading your article publish it to your blog, submit it to the top article directories and ezine publishers in your niche. Re-purpose the content into video and audio formats to reach a larger audience and gain even more traffic.

3. Search engine optimization

Your goal should be to get as much content as possible on the first page of the search engines. If it doesn’t appear within the first 10 websites almost no one will see it and therefore you won’t get much traffic.

Before writing any kind of content do keyword research first to see how many people searched on that keyword phrase over the last month. If their are no searches select another keyword. If you’re writing an article for publication include your keyword in the title, body and author resource box. If you want your web pages to gain high rankings make sure you include your keywords in the meta tags (title and description), content, file names, navigation, header tags (h1, h2, h3) and internal links.

To boost your web page rankings you need lots of backlinks (links from other sites pointing to your own site). Use article (content) marketing to naturally get other sites to link to your content.

If you implement these 3 types of promotional techniques frequently and consistently you’ll see a steady increase of traffic to your website. Use the statistics package included with your web hosting plan or install Google Analytics to monitor your traffic statistics.

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