Increase Web Site Traffic with RSS

Web Site Owners are always looking for new ways to increase traffic to their web site. A great way to achieve this is to include content from other sites especially if the content comes free. This is often called web syndication.

Here are 3 ways to syndicate your content to other sites:

1. RSS (really simple syndication)
2. Javascript
3. i-Frame

1. RSS (really simple syndication)

This is a popular, user-friendly, XML-based content distribution format. Integrating content via XML allows search engines to crawl and index your web pages. Web syndication is where a section of a website is made available for other sites to use.

Steps to syndicate content from other web sites

  • Make sure the site uses RSS (usually you will see a colored RSS or XML icon on the site).
  • Clicking on the icon will show you the contents of the xml file.
  • Upload this file ie site.xml to your server.
  • Place the icon in a prominent location on your web page.
  • Link the XML icon to the .xml file you uploaded.

Visitors who have RSS feed readers can now obtain new content by simply clicking on the RSS link. Now when there is new content it will be syndicated to your site. Search engines love to visit sites that are updated on a regular basis. This will result in an increase in traffic to your web site.

To display headlines on your website via RSS feeds you must develop your own script.
To display article headlines on your desktop, you must download a RSS newsreader.

Top RSS Readers

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Stream your RSS content from one site (ie your blog) to another (your main site) using the methods above.
Make sure the RSS content is on topic for both sites.


  1. Another benefit of web syndication that’s often overlooked is the way it creates an association between your site and better-known or more frequently-visited sites.

    Without having to say anything, people that visit your site will start to associate it with expert X’s site. If they see that you syndicate X’s articles, they assume you too know what you’re doing.


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