Link Building Strategies – Internal Linking

Internal Linking is another great strategy for increasing link popularity

This refers to the links within your web site.

1. Repair broken links

Make sure you don’t have any broken links within your site otherwise the search engines won’t be able to access all your pages. Ideally all pages should be found within 3 clicks of your home page. If not, your visitor may lose his patience and click elsewhere.

2. Make your links search engine friendly.

If you are linking to a page on “camping stoves” use the anchor text: camping stoves instead of writing “click here.” Include targeted keywords in your anchor text. This will give your web page more authority on the subject.

3. Link to less popular pages

Within a web site are pages that receive a lot of traffic (ie home page) and some that are less popular because they are more deeply located within your site. Link to these pages from the popular pages. This will help build their link popularity and also bring traffic to them.

4. Create a site map

A site map consists of all the links on your web site. Typically it’s located in your navigation bar. Search engines love site maps because they can crawl all your web pages from the site map page. It also helps your visitors to quickly navigate your whole web site.

5. Prevent link leakage

Don’t link out to many sites from one page as this will result in link leakage. Google and other search engines place more authority on pages that have many incoming links (compared to outgoing links). Only link to web sites that compliment your content. This enables visitors to read more information when visiting the links you provided rather than leaving your site and doing their own research..


You can keep visitors on the web page containing the outgoing links by opening them in a new window.


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