Optimize Your Adsense Ads With One Click Optimizer

one click optimzer
Do you currently use Adsense Ads to generate a passive income online?

Would you like to generate more revenue from your AdSense Ads?

Would you like to know the best locations on your blog or website?

Most website owners don’t bother testing the best locations for AdSense. They simply take a guess by looking at what other sites are doing and are happy to earn a few dollars per day. Plugins and other Adsense tools make it very easy to add the AdSense code to your website or blog.

Google just launched One Click Optimizer. It shows the best locations and formats for your website to improve ad performance and revenue.

How One Click Optimizer Works

You can select any of these types of sites to optimize for AdSense

News Site
Classifieds Site
Game Site

How to Optimize AdSense Ads On Your Blog

You have 2 options

A. Blog – Homepage
B. Blog – Article Page
home page
A. Blog – Homepage

  • Place a 728×90 leaderboard image ad above the fold to get higher brand value and clickthrough rates (CTR).
  • Place a 160×600 wide skyscraper ad unit below the navigation bar.
  • Set the ads to display text and image ads.
  • Place a 728×90 leaderboard ad unit in the middle or at the end of your page (if your page length allows).
  • Place an additional 160×600 wide skyscraper below the side navigation bar

Click here for other Blog Home Page options

one click optimzer

B. Blog – Article Page

  • Place a 336×280 large rectangle ad unit (text and image) at the upper-right hand side of your article page (see top diagram).
  • Add another 336×280 large rectangle ad unit between the article and comments.
  • Place a 160×600 wide skyscraper ad unit below the left navigation bar. Set it to display text and image ads.

Click here for other Blog Article Page options

Test Your Adsense Ads

Don’t completely reply on One Click Optimizer for the best placement of your Adsense Ads. Channels provide insights into the performance of your ads. For instance you can compare the performance of a banner ad versus a skyscraper ad or track the clicks of different types of pages.

When you log in to your Adsense page to view for your reports, you’ll see page impressions, clicks, and earnings data for individual channels or for any combination of channels.

Click here for more info on AdSense Channels

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