Top 4 Reasons Viewers Are Not Watching Your Channel Trailer On YouTube And What To Do About It

Let me ask you a question…Are Viewers Watching Your Channel Trailer On YouTube?

  • If new visitors are not watching your Channel Trailer
    you won’t generate new subscribers.
  • If you don’t generate new subscribers your channel won’t grow.
  • If your channel is not growing it will be difficult to
    generate new leads and sales.
  • When you don’t get new leads or sales you’ll lose
    motivation and want to give up.

Here are 4 reasons why viewers are not watching
your channel trailer on YouTube and what to do about it?

Watch the video below…

1. You don’t grab viewers attention in the first few seconds
These days viewers have a short attention span and are easily distracted. Grab their attention by asking a question or show something entertaining.

2. Your content is not interesting enough
If the content in your video is not interesting they’ll leave right away. Try to include one main benefit they’ll receive by subscribing to your channel.

3. Talking too much instead of showing
Avoid talking all the way through the video. Instead break up your video into different scenes so you’re continuously resetting the attention of your viewers.

4. Your video is too short or too long
You’ll lose the attention of your audience if you ramble on for several minutes. Your video may be too short if you fail to grab your viewers attention. Decide if your YouTube trailer is too long, too short, or just right by looking at the drop offs in the audience retention reports in YouTube Analytics.

By looking at the average watch time of your channel trailer you will be able to see if your viewers are actually watching it. My recommendation is to keep your video under 60 seconds.

That’s it!

Now you how to get viewers to watch your
channel trailer on YouTube.

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